What Do You Expect from a Custom Built Rod

My Answer would be perfection and am proud to say I received that with Lee Smith in the build of my one of a kind Custom Air Force themed rod.

Lee Smith Custom Balanced Rod

To say I’m hard on equipment is like saying joining the service is just a job. Both would fit to a certain degree, but the service has and always will be far more than a job. The riggers I put my gear through is more than bargain ‘off the self items’ can dream to hold up to. In addition to requiring items that will last, I’m picky about what I like and what bothers me with some gear. I will not use something because it’s good enough or because it was on sale. I may try it, but for me to continue to fish with an item, it must not only perform, but excel at providing me with comfort, sensitivity, and confidence.

Balanced Rod

Lee Smith is not only a member of Ultimatebass.com, he is also a highly trusted forum staffer here on the forum; oh, and he builds some great rods. Lee’s build started with a seven foot three inch MHX high modulus blank, Fuji reel seat and micro guides. The rod is so well balanced it is a joy to hold. The lead weights Lee uses for internally balancing his rods are hand poured; so not only are the weights a perfect fit for his rods, this also eliminates any issues with them coming loose, causing rattles, or sudden shifts in the balance.

Lee Smith Custom Rod

I use this rod as a half ounce or less TX-Rig and Jig pitching rod as well. Each guide is wrapped in Air Force Blue and Silver and Lee spaces them based on the natural spine of the blank. I just love how the Fuji micro guides are rotated around the blank in a right twist spiral wrap. As a left handed pitcher, this design has allowed me some of the softest lure placement I’ve ever been able to achieve. The combination of the spiral wrap, the balance, and the sensitivity of this rod make it a true joy to fish on any given day. However, it truly excels when fishing in the wind when the bites are light. I won our local bass club event this month fishing thick brush in windblown areas at 10 to 12 feet deep. The ability to detect the slightest difference between the plastic coming over or around a limb and a bass picking it up was the key allowing me to win both 1st place by 7 pounds and big bass for the tournament.

Lee Smith Custom Rod

The specialty of the rod continues with the Air Force Symbol being placed just above the Fuji Reel Seat on the top of the exposed blank. Then you have to give notice to the beautiful marbling effect continued in Air Force Blue and Silver above that and then again below the reel seat between the split grip handle. This is the first custom rod I’ve had built just for me; I don’t know why I’ve waited so long to get one and I’m happy to say that Lee is on the hook for future technique specific rods for this angler. I may have over described the details of this rod, but I don’t believe the pictures do it justice.

Lee’s talent and skill, in the overall design of this rod, are a testament to his passion and the pursuit of perfection to make a rod just for you. I wanted everyone to know just how much it means to me to commemorate my 21 years of service, and to tell Lee thank you for a job well done!

See You On the Water! Ronald S. “Fogy” Fogelson, MSgt USAF (Ret) Administrator Ultimatebass.com
Kistler National Pro Staff
Okuma Reels
El Grande Lures
Lead Pro Staffer KaRu Lures Elite Tungsten

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