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I am always on the hunt for the perfect spinnerbait. Being a power fisherman, I like to fish a lot of cover filled water with the time I have; a spinnerbait fits my fishing style perfectly. When I see a bank line filled with vegetation or timber, one of my first choices will be a spinnerbait. A spinnerbait is a fantastic search bait. It allows an angler to fish yards of cover in a very short time picking off the aggressive bass. Then, depending on how productive the area is, the angler can go back through the cover with slower baits and mop up.

Terminator Spinnerbait

Terminator Spinnerbait

Unfortunately, a spinnerbait is disposable, meaning they don’t last forever. Not as disposable as soft plastics; however, the arm of a spinnerbait eventually wears out from vibration and bending during the battle with a hooked bass. This breakage will always happen under the stress of fighting a bass. To prevent losing a tournament bass, I regularly replace my spinnerbaits at the first sign of damage or after catching several bass. Replacing unbroken baits can get expensive over the course of a tournament season.

I have experimented with many different wire types used to build spinnerbaits in an attempt to get the most out of a spinnerbait. I’ve tried thin wire for more vibration, thick wire for more durability, even z-bend wires hoping to find strength yet significant vibration. I looked to expensive custom builders to find a spinnerbait with a durable wire and outstanding vibration. After many years of experimenting and lots of money spent on trial and error field-testing, I found an effective yet durable spinnerbait. The T-1 Original Titanium Spinnerbait was right under my nose the whole time.

Terminator spinnerbaits have a patented SnapBack Titanium wire. With reservations, I gave it a try. Concerned a wire this strong may hamper vibration, I experienced quite the contrary. While the titanium wire is very strong and won’t bend, it is flexible. This flexibility allowed for tremendous vibration from every blade combination to include the double willow, which can have minimal transmitted vibration to the rod. Using a half ounce model with a double willow leaf, I was impressed with the vibration I felt in my rod during retrieves.

Terminator Spinnerbait – T-1 Original Titanium

Terminator Spinnerbait

Terminator Spinnerbait

This particular model of the T-1 Original Titanium Spinnerbait also came with what Terminator calls the Power Pulse QuickSkirt. It’s a skirt with a built-in trailer. The center strands of the skirt are one and a half inches longer than the rest of the skirt. This extra-long material in the center of the skirt does just as the name implies and pulsates from the vibration of the blades turning. The added length eliminates the need to add a trailer to the spinnerbait to create extra action.

Between the vibration and the pulsating skirt, the T-1 Original Titanium Spinnerbait with Power Pulse QuickSkirt has proven to be very effective. With caution, I have continued to use the same bait until I find the breaking point. I can assure you it is already at least three times beyond what I developed as a standard replacement time to prevent losing a bass to arm breakage. Honestly, I have lost count of the bass I have caught on the same bait. I continue to be impressed with how true the T-1 Titanium Spinnerbait tracks on the retrieve. Bass after bass, there is no adjustments required. This bait seems to be indestructible.

Another very important part of a spinnerbait is the hook. With reaction strike presentations and the spinnerbait’s nature of a single hook, it’s vital the hook is strong and sharp. Terminator uses a premium VMC hook. This hook does a very effective job at quickly penetrating the jaw of a bass. The quick penetration in the jaw provides very solid hook ups, which increase the strike to land ratio. This VMC hook keeps the spinnerbait pinned, even when a bass applies its acrobatic skills, ensuring the bass makes it to the boat.

Terminator spinnerbaits also employ a beveled blade. The spinnerbaits blades have a very sharp bevel on the edges. This bevel adds to the vibration, and I believe these beveled blades create a better flash when pulled through the water. The vibration and flash enhance the baits ability to draw strikes in low light or dirty water conditions. I have, on multiple occasions, seen the Terminator spinnerbait outperform standard spinnerbaits in a variety of water conditions. So not only has it been extremely durable it’s also more effective.

The T-1 Original Terminator spinnerbait comes in the three standard sizes, 3/8, 1/2, and 3/4 ounce. They also have thirteen skirt colors to fit the needs of anglers across the country. My most productive bass catching color so far has been the Yellow Perch. This color has enough color transition to be effective in stained water, yet the translucent effect necessary for clear water. The Yellow Perch skirt color along with silver and gold double willow blade combination, make it an extremely all in one, any water condition, spinnerbait. I’ve had this combination tied to a rod every time I hit the water for the last few months. Other than retying, I haven’t had to do anything to this spinnerbait, and it continues to run true and catch bass.

I’ve finally quit my search for the perfect spinnerbait, in my opinion the Terminator T-1 is it. I’ve increased my confidence level and reduced the number of spinnerbaits I have to carry in my boat. I highly recommend the Terminator T-1 Original spinnerbait. With just a couple blade combinations and a handful of skirts, I’m confident I will be able to handle any spinnerbait scenario the coming season presents me.

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