Pond Magic Is True Magic for Bass

Pond Magic

On a list of the most versatile lures, the spinnerbait will be found at the top. The Booyah Pond Magic is no exception to such a list. A small fry compared to bigger and more traditional spinnerbaits; the Pond Magic weighs in at 3/16 ounces. Though light weight, this lure packs a punch despite the small size, it will put extra fish into the boat.

Built with the same features you would expect on a traditional spinnerbait, this lure stands up to the competition with excellent performance. You will find this bait has the staple features you’ve come to expect like 3D eyes, a 60 strand silicone skirt, and tandem colorado and willow leaf blades. The paint job on the body is excellent with solid colors that can be matched to specific water and weather conditions. Multicolor options blend into each other smoothly and can be fished in a variety of conditions.

This lure is sized to be more proportionally accurate to the baitfish that are a bass’ typical forage in ponds. The baitfish in ponds are typically smaller; hence the name “Pond Magic”. This lure is not limited to just ponds though; smaller baitfish are also common in lakes or reservoirs. Couple this with the growing cycle of bait fish and undoubtedly there will be times when the Pond Magic will perfectly match the size of the food source the bass are feeding on. This adds to the versatility of the lure, making it a good choice no matter what body of water you choose to fish.

One thing anglers will notice and need to be aware of is the fact that the bait will roll during a “burning” type retrieve. This is not a defect or a large issue, so do not be discouraged. Being a smaller bait, the Pond Magic’s lead head doesn’t weigh enough to keep the bait centered during high speed retrieves. The blades of this mini spinnerbait will cause the bait to roll. This is common for all smaller, lighter spinner baits. This bait does not need to be burned to perform and catch bass. This is not to say it can’t be fished at all, with a 6.4:1 reel you can still retrieve this bait relatively quickly without issues. Checking and straightening the wire should solve any unusual problems with the rolling of the bait.

One thing I like about this lure is how it will land me bass when my other lures just can’t. There is a pond in my neighborhood that I fish regularly and I was on a ten trip losing streak against the bass there. After going through my tackle arsenal and many weekends, I was frustrated at my lack of success. I was willing to try anything to catch a bass there, when a friend recommended the Pond Magic. After 30 minutes of fishing, I nailed one. I was so shocked to see how quickly this lure landed a bass when all other lures had failed. It continued to get many more strikes throughout the day. The Pond Magic exceeded my expectations. Especially being so small, I had my doubts. It performed wonderfully and will be kept as a “go to” bait.

Don’t let the size fool you, the Booyah Pond Magic is ready to tackle your daily bass fishing needs and keep up with your demands. If you have trouble getting a bass to strike on a highly pressured body of water, or conditions have the bass shut down, tie on a Pond Magic and you just might be surprised at the results.

Cody Grainger “Doge631”

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