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Freedom Lures is a relatively new lure company with innovative ideas in bait presentations to catch bass. Hitting the market prior to ICAST in 2012, Freedom Lures has exploded on to the bass fishing scene. Who is Freedom Lures? They are a company that wants anglers to catch more bass, to feel confident in the baits they are using, and to have the freedom to experiment with their products to fine tune presentations that have already proven themselves. Take the bass jig for example; it’s caught bass coast to coast, year in and year out. Freedom Lures created a jig that has a free floating hook. Not only does the hook have the ability to move freely inside the head of the jig, but the angler has the ability to change the hook. If your hook gets dull, you decide that you need a different size hook, or your presentation requires a different style hook; you can simply change it without retying. Using this interchangeable hook concept throughout their product line, Freedom Lures has created some fantastic baits that will be sure to change the way anglers think about bass fishing.

Freedom Lures

The versatility of the Freedom Lures product line is amazing. The design concept behind all the Freedom Lures products allows the angler to rig soft plastics weedless on a hook of their choosing. If you have a favorite brand or style of hook you like to use, with the Freedom Lures design, you can now use that hook in all your soft plastic applications. For me, the ability to change hook styles is especially important when dealing with different types of soft plastic baits. I use a variety of hook styles for different baits. I like a specific hook for beaver style baits, a different style hook when using creature baits, and still another when using a standard worm presentation. I listen to many anglers complain about missed bass because the baits ball up on the hook or they don’t get hook penetration on the hook set. This is caused by the wrong hook for the particular bait and presentation. With the interchangeable hooks on the Freedom Lures line of baits, you can quickly adjust your hook as fast as you adjust your bait choice.

Another advantage of the free floating interchangeable hook is that the bass can’t use the baits weight against you. With a standard jig, when a bass shakes its head, the bait swings violently back and forth and can work its way free. With the Freedom Lures design, the head of the bait can shake, and the hook will never move; ensuring your ability to land every strike.

The first in the Freedom Lures product line that I tested was the Hydra. Excited with the swim bait applications I was not disappointed when this bait hit the water. The free floating interchangeable hook design allows a swim bait to work its magic. Most swim bait jig heads are fixed to the hook; the weight of the head is directly connected to the hook hindering the action of the swim bait. With the Hydra the hook that holds the swim bait is free to move around in all directions thus enabling your swim bait to perform with optimum action and vibration. The quality of the Hydra is beyond any lead-head jig I’ve fished. The head has a hardened epoxy coating over a prism finish and that coupled with the 3D eyes makes for a very realistic head design. As a finishing touch, the head also has a brass echo chamber adding sound to the already visually stunning bait.

The Stealth is the most versatile of all the Freedom Lures. Adding a skirt to the already impressive Hydra, and changing the line tie position slightly for a more weedless application, this jig has endless presentations. From slowly swimming across the bottom to hopping through timber, the Stealth is sure to change the way you think about jig fishing. I’ve enjoyed the ability to change hooks quickly and easily. As a jig fisherman, I like to experiment. I’ll change presentations with a jig more often than most anglers will with soft plastics. Being able to change the hook allows me to change my trailer bait and still maintain an extremely weedless presentation while maintaining the most advantageous hook for the style of soft plastic I’ve chosen.

Next in the lineup is the Zodiac. It’s a ball head jig with the interchangeable free floating hook specifically designed to fill shakey head type applications. With an iridescent painted head and realistic eyes, the Zodiac ups the ante on all shakey heads. The Zodiac has been a valuable tool for my tournament fishing. For example, after a major cold front this spring, bass were buried up in cover from four to six feet deep. Because of the cold front bass were not taking my larger presentations. However, if I could get a shakey head through the brush, bass would eat the smaller profile bait. Trying to get bass out of this cover proved nearly impossible on the standard shakey head, between breaking lines and straightening hooks, I was losing nearly every hooked bass. The Zodiac was a tournament winner. It allowed me to use a much stronger hook, yet still give the smaller profile needed to entice a strike. With the stronger hook, I was able to pull bass from cover with ease. I’ve been very excited about the Zodiac and the different places I’ve been able to fish a shakey head style presentation effectively.

Over all, I’ve been very impressed with the quality and fish catching ability of the Freedom Lures line of baits. The interchangeable hook allows me to adapt to ever changing conditions on the water in a matter of seconds. This is a huge time saver when prefishing. Instead of spending time retying possible baits, with a quick twist I can completely change my presentation and continue my search for tournament winning bass. The baits design prevents lost bass do to head shaking and allows your baits to perform at maximum levels. I’m looking forward to more products in the Freedom Lures product line.

All Freedom Lures products are packaged ready to use. Even though the design concept behind these baits allows the angler to use a hook of their choosing, Freedom Lures baits are packaged with an extremely sharp and very strong hook. It’s obvious that Freedom Lures did not take short cuts on any aspect of their product line, and the hook is no different. For more information or to check out the latest advances of the Freedom Lures line, check out their website at

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