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Get Listed
It’s simple! There are two ways that you can get your guide business listed here on Ultimate Bass.

Guide Option One
This is a win win situation. Ultimate Bass is offering you the ability to promote your business here on the site to thousands of visitors each month. We are currently getting around 54,000 visits per month from people all over the U.S.

We would like to invite Bass Fishing Guides to the site to post fishing reports on the lakes that they know best. In exchange they will get front page coverage in Articles and News as well as being more visible to their potential clients with a listing here on Ultiamte Bass in our new Bass Fishing Guides area.

Is there a fee? No! That’s right no fee… All we ask is that when you make your weekly reports that you give factual information:

  • List times of day and weather conditions
  • List baits that you used
  • List the lake and general area fished
  • Link only to your guide website
  • Provide a fishing report, not a sales ad

I will also set you up with a custom Signature on the forum so that you will be advertsing every time you post on the site weather it is a fishing report or not. It is a great way to increase your business.

Will it help us out? Yes! Activity in the fishing reports area will draw more people to that state and with more people to the state the more members that we as a forum get and the more members the more exposure for you.

What do you get in return?

  • Listing in the Bass Fishing Guides area here on Ultimate Bass (Sample Page)
  • Up to 5 pictures in your listing.
  • Description of your area, lakes you fish and your business.
  • Phone number, email address and web address listed.
  • Custom Signature for the forum linking to your listing.

Please Email for Option One

Guide Option Two
If you are not the type of person that posts on message boards or forums for a small fee you can have your Bass Fishing Guide Listing posted here on Ultimate Bass. It will include all of the features above.

$25 per year
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