The start of the 2013 Forrest Wood Cup

Frosted Flakes FLW Boat

Shreveport/Bossier Louisiana is the host of the 2013 Forest Wood Cup held out of Red River South Marina. For those that don’t know about the August weather here in Louisiana, it’s a bit warm. Jay Yelas posted a photo of his depth finder water temp during practice; it showed just over 97 degrees. He commented that if the water was just 7 degrees hotter and he could just find some bubbles, it would be no different than fishing in a hot tub. For those of us who live here, we know the truths in the saying “if you don’t like the weather just give it a minute because it’s going to change.” Change it did, the cold snap from the north knocked the heat back and turned this morning’s launch into a perfect day of fall fishing.

Team Chevy with early preps

This morning started off for most of the anglers meeting up at Red River South around 4 am, boats had to be in the water, checked and lined up by 6:30. As anglers, you know the feeling you get at the start of the day, the FLW Pros are no different. Yes they are fishing for $500,000.00 but its still fishing and they still get ramped up before the start of the day. The difference is these professionals are doing much more than the average angler getting ready to fish. They are doing the normal stuff to get ready; pulling out and lining up their rods for the day, digging for that last minute bait that they just can’t find, tying on a baits or double checking their knots for the 10th time that morning, and being paired up with a co-angler. There is, however, the media side of being in a big tournament like the Forrest Wood Cup; running from their boat to the stage to give time for interviews, some on camera, some for print. During all this chaos, they are still being stopped by fans, young and old, who want an autograph and or a picture; answering questions about their game plan and expected forecast for this event. These anglers even go as far as letting fans in their boats to sit in the driver’s seat as well as have a chat with the wide eyes kids. It was hectic at best, from an outsider looking in, but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for these representatives of our sport.

Morning Flag Boat

6:45 arrived before we knew it. A prayer was said wishing everyone well, asking for protection of the competition and giving thanks for the ability to be here today and especially for the great outdoors and waterways we outdoorsmen/women enjoy. Without hesitation from the Anglers and spectators came a resounding “Amen”. Our National Anthem was sung while each and everyone there saluted or held their hand over their hearts observing the flag blowing and floating free. The floating flag marks the all clear zone where the anglers were allowed to get up on plane and start their day.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, I know I enjoyed taking them and can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds.

Fishing Never Felt So Good!

See You On the Water!
Ronald S. “Fogy” Fogelson, MSgt USAF (Ret)
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