Individual Registration Guidelines

The Ultimate Bass Fishing Reports Forum is home to many members from around the country. The members gather once a year to participate in a friendly bass fishing competition, meet other members face to face, and possibly find a bass club to join. We invite you to join us at the UBCS this year. Joining us at the 2005 Ultimate Bass Club Shootout is easy. Just follow the simple guidelines below to become to become a member of the Ultimate Bass Fishing Reports Forum.


1. Register as a member on the Ultimate Bass Fishing Forum. It’s easy, all you have to do is use a valid email address and username. Don’t worry we don’t sell your information to any third party or send you unwanted email. You even have the ability to hide your email address from the rest of the members.


2. Just say hello. There are several message boards that you can post in or if you are not comfortable posting you can just hang out and view all of the information there is to read.


3. Read the 2005 Tournament Rules and make note of the deadlines that are required.


4. Get ready for a fun and exciting tournament with a lot of great people.


Membership and registration is a requierment of the Ultimate Bass Club Shootout. In order to participate you must be a member in good standing on the Ultimate Bass Fishing Forum. A member in good standing is defined by being a active member. You must have been active 30 days prior to the tournament to be considered active. You are given a new active date each time you sign into the foum.

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