Watkins and Watkins take Pearl River

The second event of the 2018 Dockside Tournament Trail is in the books and the results are in.

With a stiff northeast wind and 20 degree cooler air temp than the day before greeting the anglers, talk around the dock between the 32 teams was far less enthusiastic than usual. It has become somewhat comical and almost a guarantee that before each event some kind of weather system hits a day or two before to shake things up. The anglers are constantly having to adjust game plans on the fly which shows how versatile some of these local fisherman are and also shines the light on what it takes to compete with these guys.

As the anglers blasted off boat by boat it was a split field with some heading north up the Pearl and others south towards the lake. Once the anglers started returning to the dock for the 3 p.m. weigh-in, the same dismal enthusiasm was apparent for quite a few of the teams.

Of course, this was not the case for all as a few of the teams experienced a really good day almost as if they were fishing on another body of water.

Finishing in third place was the team of Larry Mixon and Scott Burt with a really nice weight of 14.72 pounds. They reported catching a pretty good amount of fish and were just shy a big bite from challenging for the lead.

In second was one of the more consistent teams from last year, Donald Duke and John Pecoraro tipping the scales with a heavy sack of fish weighing 15.13 pounds.

Topping the field were the point’s champions from last year, Ross and Reese Watkins. These guys brought in the heaviest sack of the day weighing 15.71 pounds. The big fish of the event at 3.83 pounds. was a tie between Ross and Reese Watkins and Brad Sampson in which the heaviest stringer served as tie-breaker in favor of Ross and Reese. 

See full results here.

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