Keepin’ it reel with Fat Cat Newton

By following his online persona, you can see how well it fits.

“At an early age, I learned quick wit could fend off a lot of the fat jokes,” he confides. “I’d poke fun at myself before anyone else had the chance. In doing that, I could avoid any awkwardness while making some people laugh.”

No boundaries

Nowadays — aside from himself — Newton frequently targets other high-profile figures in fishing. Guys like Randy Howell, Shaw Grigsby, Fish Fishburne, Denny Brauer and Gerald Swindle — anyone with a following that he feels might make a good target.

It may be that person’s physical characteristics, the way they walk, talk, dress or even how they set a hook. Whatever he feels sets them apart, that makes them vulnerable and plays into his routine. In a world besieged with political correctness that might offend some. But because Fat’s so critical of himself, it’s hard to hold it against him. As he says, “It’s all meant in good fun.”

And though he may pick on fishing’s elite, Newton has a deep respect for them, too.

“I think the biggest misconception in this sport is that being a professional angler is easy,” he concludes. “It’s not. It’s full of heartbreak, disappointment, regret, time from family and maxed out credit cards. That’s not for me. I tell everyone I’m much better at running my lips than ripping lips.”

Love him or not, Fat Cat Newton is comfortable with who he is and how he comes across. He reminds us that life is short and that we sometimes take ourselves too seriously. 

As he puts it, he’s “just keepin’ it real.”

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Author: Bernie Schultz

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