Hottest Rig Running

Lee Bailey, Jr. Eyes On Jesus

Lee Bailey, Jr. Eyes On Jesus

In 2006 the “Elite Series Hottest Rig Running” made its debut. Mike Reynolds took home the popular vote with the theme “These Colors Don’t Run”.

Once again the “Hottest Rig Running” will give the public a chance to vote on the boat wrap that they think is the best among the Elite Series anglers. Voting starts on April 20th, 2007. The angler with the most votes wins $10,000!

Lee Bailey, Jr. continues to keep himself in the forefront of the promotional wheel! Lee is so excited about where the Lord has brought him that he designed his entire rig theme around “Eyes On Jesus”.

Please Vote for Lee’s rig in the Bassmaster Elite Series Hottest Rig Running Contest. Log into Once logged in please vote for Lee’s rig. “Eyes On Jesus”.

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