Fantasy Fishing: Christie Tops Classic Picks

GREENVILLE, S.C. — Jason Christie of Park Hill, Okla., may have barely fell short of the world title at the 2018 GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by DICK’S Sporting Goods, but he was the highest scoring selection for Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing players at Lake Hartwell.

While the perfect Fantasy Fishing team wasn’t selected, based on the scores produced, the field wasn’t far off in their estimations.

After another come-from-behind performance, Jordan Lee, Grant, Ala., was able to score his second Classic victory in a row, which puts him a class that only two other anglers have ever attained: Rick Clunn of Ava, Mo., and Kevin VanDam from Kalamazoo, Mich., are the only other professional anglers to accomplish such a feat.

Lee faced low ownership in his bucket, which allowed for his supporters to jump the other players who chose the more popular choices. It was a good gamble for a few, while other paid the price of a poor selection.

In a very uncharacteristic performance, Skeet Reese of Auburn, Calif., was the lowest scoring Classic contender of the entire field, which didn’t produce many points for his ownership.

That’s an obvious and unfortunate aspect to the sport of bass fishing. Sometimes you catch the fish, and other times they outsmart you; Reese will bounce back with authority — that you can count on.

Fantasy Classic Winner: “hammerjackmike”

Bucket A: Jason Christie, 340 points

B: Jordan Lee, 305

C: Matt Lee, 285

D: Mark Daniels Jr., 285

E: Brandon Coulter, 233

Total: 1,448

Fantasy Points Leader: “BigBassJon”

Bucket A: Jason Christie, 340 points

B: Edwin Evers, 254

C: Matt Lee, 285

D: Mark Daniels Jr., 285

E: Micah Frazier, 248

Total: 1,412

Classic’s Perfect Team:

Bucket A: Jason Christie, 340 points

B: Jordan Lee, 305

C: Matt Lee, 285

D: Cliff Pirch, 251

E: Micah Frazier, 248

Total: 1,429


Jason Christie was a favorite coming into this event, and for obvious reasons. He’s a tremendous angler, arguably one of the best in the game, and he’s been very consistent in his Classic appearances. Christie earned his 11-percent ownership 340 points for his third-place finish. His third-place finish produced 290 points, he led for two days that resulted in 10 bonus points and since he weighed the heaviest bag of the tournament, 20 pounds, 14 ounces, during the opening round of competition his supporters were also awarded 40 bonus points.

Second-best choice: Brent Ehrler finished in second place to Jordan Lee for the second year in a row. He earned his 6.8-percent ownership 295 points for his solid showing.

Worst choice: The lowest scoring angler in Bucket A was a very surprising Bobby Lane, who finished second to Casey Ashley in 2015. Lane earned his 7.1-percent ownership only 189 points following a tough 43rd-place finish.


Jordan Lee was not the favorite in Bucket B; in fact he was near the bottom of the list. After a stellar performance and winning his second world title, Lee earned his 5.5-percent ownership 305 points for his finish. Broken down, that comes to 300 points for the first place, and 5 bonus points for leading the final day of the event.

Second-best choice: After dominating the bucket, Ott DeFoe finished in sixth place earning his 26.3-percent ownership 276 points.

Worst choice: Probably the most surprising of all finishes, Skeet Reese finished in 52nd place earning his 5.5-percent ownership only 171 points.


In an interesting turn of events, Matt Lee was in position to nearly win his first Classic as well, eventually falling into fourth place — albeit a tremendous performance regardless. The elder Lee brother produced 285 points for his strong 12.2-percent ownership. Fantasy Fishing players who selected Matt Lee are very likely happy with his solid finish.

Second-best choice: James Elam fished very well and earned his 10.7-percent ownership 257 points for his 11th-place finish.

Worst choice: An uncharacteristic Keith Combs finished in 40th place earning his 7.3-percent ownership 195 points.


Hailing from Payson, Ariz., Clifford Pirch was the best selection in Bucket D. His record at Hartwell is impressive; right along side his overall consistency on the Elite Series. Pirch finished in 13th, which is the exact same place he finished in 2015 at the Lake Hartwell Classic. He is steady, and a he proved that again by earning his 3.2-percent ownership 251 points for his 13th-place finish.

Second-best choice: Mark Daniels Jr. earned his 9-percent ownership 285 points for a 15th-place finish.

Worst choice: Jesse Wiggins was the lowest scoring angler in this bucket having earned his dominating 20-percent ownership 183 points for a 46th-place finish.


Defying the pundits and odds makers, Micah Frazier of Newnan, Ga., finished in 14th place at his second Classic appearance. He dominated Bucket E with 35.6-percent ownership, and earned his loyal supporters 248 points.

Second-best choice: Brandon Coulter finished in 21st place, which earned his 11.7-percent ownership 233 points.

Worst choice: Rick Morris scored only 175 points for his 6.5-percent ownership after a tough 50th-place finish.

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Author: Thomas Allen

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