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Could this tournament come down to the wire? The average sizes of bass swimming in livewells certainly leans that way. Even so, all it will take is a kicker fish like the 5-2 largemouth already caught by Takahiro Omori to break out on the leaderboard.

The possibilities are endless and will be fun to see develop. Will we see mostly largemouth in the winning bag? How about a mixed bag of spotted bass and largemouth?

“What’s shaping up here, with the rain earlier and coming up, is there are more options for catching largemouth and spotted bass.”

Jordan Lee shared that prediction with me this early this morning.

“It’s setting up to be a diversified tournament with spots, largemouth, or both coming into play,” added Russ Lane.

Lee summed it up by predicting largemouth as a dominate player due to their greater size potential. Even so, the consistency of catching spotted bass on this lake will prove key with the winner, he said.

Dialing into either or both could become a deciding factor on who wins on Sunday.

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