Wired2Fish, Inc. Adds Radio Program

Wired2Fish, Inc. owns one of the top fishing websites in the industry with Wired2Fish.com as well as a new mini-show TV program called Wired2Fish TV currently airing on ESPN2. Now they’ve added radio boost their media presence to a higher level. Wired2Fish Radio will feature well-known outdoorsman and journalist Wade Bourne. This syndicated radio program will feature fishing as well hunting to a listening audience of more than 300 stations and more than 1 million potential listeners.

The show content will feature top anglers on the tournament trails, great anglers and guides from around the country, representatives from the top tackle and boat companies and more. The radio program will feature a mix of personality and educational pieces. The show is geared towards helping anglers improve their craft and keeping them informed with what’s new to the sport. See Wired2Fish.com for a listing of radio stations near you carrying the show.

Bourne has been a full-time broadcaster and writer for more than 30 years. He is in both the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame as well as the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame. He hosted In-Fisherman Radio for 16 consecutive years, and at the time, it was the largest syndicated outdoor radio show in North America. He has served as host for Ducks Unlimited TV and formerly as host for Advantage Outdoors TV. He is a senior writer for Bassmaster Magazine and Editor-at-Large for Ducks Unlimited Magazine. He has more than 2,800 articles published in outdoor magazines and has authored six books.

“I’m excited to be with Wired2Fish, Inc.,” Bourne said. “I’ve been with Pro’s Pointers radio for some time, and now being with Wired2Fish is a great opportunity. I look forward to sharing outdoor pursuits with millions of anglers and hunters with the Wired2Fish network of media properties.”

“We’ve had the honor and good fortune to be associated with Wade for many years with Pro’s Pointers Radio, and we are so pleased to continue that journey with Wade and Wired2Fish Radio,” said Todd Hammill, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager for Wired2Fish, Inc. “Our goal is simple – to provide our readers, viewers and listeners with the best content and up-to-the-minute info on fishing however they choose to access it. By providing web, television and now nationwide radio, we feel we can provide a better overall service to our audience and advertisers. We look forward to continuing to grow our Wired2Fish Network, and Wade will be a big part of that.”

“Having a living legend like Wade Bourne on the Wired2Fish team and presenting Wired2Fish Radio with Wade Bourne across the country is an honor,” said Terry Brown, President Wired2Fish, Inc. “and the Wired2Fish readers and listeners will be the beneficiaries of his contributions. Welcome Wade.”

For more information on Wired2Fish Radio, visit www.wired2fishradio.com.
For more information on the web property, visit www.wired2fish.com.
For interviews with Wade or other representatives with Wired2Fish, Inc., contact Terry Brown at tbrown@wired2fish.com or Todd Hammill at thammill@wired2fish.com.

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