WaveSpin Reels builds momentum with awards & accolades

WaveSpin Reels builds momentum with awards & accolades

Bird nest free guarantee, no tangle trouble-free spinning reels continues to pick up high recognition for fun, memorable on-the-water fishing experiences

For a young, unique fishing reel manufacturer WaveSpin continues to mount a following from avid anglers not only of great praise and compliments, but sales.

In just three years the WaveSpin spinning reel invented by Doug Hannon, popularly known as “the Bass Professor,” has also won a long list of accolades, awards and contracts based on its “BIRD NEST FREE GUARANTEE” and patented no-tangle, trouble-free design which gives anglers more enjoyable fishing time without worrying about line twists and tangles.

After a long winter and pent up demand at the recent spring fishing and outdoor shows, stores are typically selling out of their stock of WaveSpin models based on its growing appeal.

Distinctive reel with “wave” designed spool, drag, caught instant media attention

After WaveSpin’s launch in 2007, the modestly priced value-packed reel (the DH 3000 is $87.95), received its first honor from Outdoor Life Magazine when its fishing editor Jerry Gibbs wrote that the reel represents “the first significant improvement in salt- and freshwater spinning-reel design in more than 50 years. What sets the WaveSpin apart from its competitors is that it’s virtually impossible for the line to bird nest during a cast.”

Three months later WaveSpin won Field & Stream Magazine’s prestigious 2008 “BEST of the BEST” Award in the March issue in which the editors of the 112-year old publication said “Doug Hannon’s WaveSpin Reels are a radical design at a time when innovation in spinning is hard to find.”

Then TackleTour.com presented WaveSpin with its Innovation Award.

A year later WaveSpin was named “Best of the Best in Value” by FLW Outdoors Magazine.

Becomes “Official Reel of the Walt Disney World Fishing Excursions”

Word spread in the fishing community and Walt Disney World, the world famous family attraction and resorts near Orlando, Fla., USA, wanting to give its guests a fun and memorable experience while fishing at the theme park’s lakes, approached WaveSpin.

Russ Riley, WaveSpin’s VP of operations said, “They contacted us after hearing how our reels give anglers – from beginners to professionals – a positive fishing experience without the aggravation of a multitude of line problems (knots, tangles, bird nests) so common with most other spinning reels. Their management and lake staff members tried our reels and agreed it would be perfect for their park visitors in spending more actual and enjoyable time fishing. An exclusive contract and partnership with Disney followed.”

“All I can tell you is these reels have held up better than any reels we have ever used,” said a pleased Greg Waldron, of Walt Disney World Fishing Excursions after a year of constant use by thousands of anglers young and old, novice and experienced.

WaveSpin shines in field test by 60 North American Fishing Club members

During the fall months of 2009, WaveSpin Reels underwent intense field testing by 60 members of the world’s largest fishing club the North American Fishing Club.

The results were announced in the March issue of North American Fishing Magazine to NAFC’s 600,000 members and 100% of the field testers said they would recommend WaveSpin and the majority rated it a value priced reel receiving the NAFC Field Tested Seal of Approval.

“What an honor for WaveSpin to receive such great praise from such a prestigious organization,” said Riley. “We received a 92% overall rating based on their 10 elements of criteria which NAFC says is exceptional.”

All four model sizes of WaveSpin come with an exclusive two-year unlimited warranty. The reel, with its uniquely designed spool lip of smoothly rounded teeth – “waves” that eliminate tangles – also features a patented no-tool quick-strip split spool allowing anglers to slip off the entire amount of old line in one clump without tedious stripping. WaveSpin not only cures a bulk of the problems with spinning reels (tangles, bird nests and ineffective drags) it’s also the affordable answer to very expensive fishing gear.

“WaveSpin’s patented technology has benefits and features like no other brand reel,” said Riley. “Not Shimano, not Daiwa, not Abu Garcia or any other brand. We now offer the patented no-tangle technology in four sizes at a price and promise of quality unmatched and unchallenged by any other reel brand.”

Always thinking of ways to make things work better, the cerebral Hannon holds 16 patents, most in the outdoor arena, including one for his weedless propeller an innovation that effectively revolutionized the trolling motor industry.

Hannon’s WaveSpin is being marketed across the nation by XXX-Stream Tackle through a growing number of major sporting and fishing goods stores (such as Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, West Marine), and independent tackle stores across the nation along with direct sales on its website www.wavespinreel.com. For information on WaveSpin please contact Russ Riley, at: 989-967-8426 or via e-mail at russ@wavespinreel.com .

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