Twin Cities Team Club Results

The Twin Cities Team Club held its June 5th tournament on the John R. Kelly Grand Bayou Reservoir.  A few teams met early for breakfast at the Chevron in Coushatta, then at the  ramp for a 5:51 Blastoff. There were 12 teams represented with most if not all reporting catching good numbers of fish including slots in depths ranging from 1-12 feet.  The weather was mostly cloudy  and light and variable  winds, temps ranged from the low 70’s to low 90’s, and the water temps that were reported ranged from 80-84 degrees.

First place went to the team of Mike Noble and Ron Fogelson (with Ron being absent due to military duty) with a total weight of 11.4 pounds. Mike caught his fish on Pop-R’s, spinnerbaits, and Carolina Rigged French Fry’s in Watermelon. Mike also took Big Bass with a 5.4 pound fish caught on the C-rig French Fry. “I caught 10 fish  today, 4 slots, 1 dink, and 5 keepers”.

Second place went to Gregory Korkoske and Chris Wayand with a weight of 10.1 lbs. they reported catching fish on  torpedo’s in the a.m. and Carolina Rigged French Fry’s in Chartreuse pepper and Junebug.

Third place went to Earnie (Papa) and Trey Cella with a weight of 8.13. “We caught our fish in the morning with a watermelon Flukes and in the afternoon with a watermelon red pearl Ribbit”.

The next Twin Cities Team Club event is the Ultimate Bass Club Shootout scheduled for June 25th and 26th at Grand Bayou. The next regular season event is scheduled for July 10th.

David Welch

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