Tournament Shirts Now “Cool”

Gemini Sport MarketingGemini Sport Marketing, the go-to source of tournament wear for leading professional anglers, is excited to introduce the G2 XDS® Series, a new line of high tech tournament shirts designed to keep anglers cool in the heat of competition.

“Our embroidered marquee shirts have long been the gold standard in apparel for tournament pros,” stated Brad Raymond, Vice President at Gemini Sport Marketing. “But now we have a line of tournament shirts designed with angler comfort in mind that aren’t only affordable, but are unparalleled in performance, good looks, and can be completely customized.”

The G2 XDS Series of tournament apparel combines cutting edge performance apparel, sublimation printing, and Gemini’s expertise in made-to-order tournament wear.

We Start With High Performance Fabric

Using Intera’s® patented moisture transport technology, the G2 XDS Series of apparel begins with a highly technical fabric, this unique textile permanently wicks moisture for climate control and comfort, it’s versatile enough to wear as a base layer in winter, or to keep you dry and cool in the summer and is resistant soil, odor and bacteria. This fabric requires no special care, dries fast and won’t wrinkle. Simply wash and wear.

We Apply Graphics Using Sublimation

Sublimation, by definition, is the change of a solid substance directly to a vapor without first passing through the liquid state. The result is spectacular photographic images that don’t fade or wear off.

Gemini Sport MarketingYour Sponsors, Your Shirt

As the official approved supplier of tournament wear, Gemini Sport Marketing, has a library of logos from nearly every sponsor. Sponsored pros can now simply choose the design of their shirt, indicate their sponsors and Gemini will deliver a high performance, custom shirt with the appropriate logos.

The Price Is Right

The XDS Series tournament shirts start at $95. Set-up fees are less than other sources which include background graphics and logos. Minimum quantity is just one. Delivery of these shirts is rapid, typically just three-weeks.

Order Online

To see a sampling of shirts produced, and to place an order visit

Gemini Sport Marketing was founded in 1985 by Marty & Scott Glorvigen. For more than two decades, Gemini has provided tournament wear, produced Pro’s Pointers television program, and created unique tools for anglers. For additional information on Intera®, visit

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