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I meet up with both Mike and Laurie before the final weigh-in we made our way to the CenturyTel Center fighting traffic to get in to the media parking location. The traffic was nothing compared to what…


Skeet Reese and Ron FogelsonI meet up with both Mike and Laurie before the final weigh-in we made our way to the CenturyTel Center fighting traffic to get in to the media parking location. The traffic was nothing compared to what we were about to encounter. Those of you that know me know I have a hard time handling crowds, from some of the locations and events I’ve been apart of over the last twenty years in the Air Force large groups of people put me on high alert. I tell you this because the entrance we had to use was already packed with several thousand spectators. There was no easy way in, so I took point and Laurie grabbed my hand and held onto Mikes and politely but firm started working my way into the crowd. It consisted of tapping strangers on the shoulder and saying excuse me over and over, people were very polite and did their very best to move out of the way. I know it was crowded and to all that provided that little extra inch for us to squeeze through we all just wanted to thank you and if I stepped on any toes along the way I’m so very sorry. I had the shakes by the time we got in the CenturyTel Center but we made it.

After getting set up in the Media room and formulating a game plan to cover yesterday’s event we made our way out to the floor by the stage. Mike and I took a seat and started taking notes and the below listing is how B.A.S.S. had the 25 anglers that made the cut ranked. Once the weigh-in started they were brought to the stage in reverse order starting with Shaw Grigsby and worked up to the Supper Six.

Below is the weights each angler had coming into the final day, the weights from day three and the total. I’ve also included some sound bites from a few of the anglers.

1. Jami Fralick 38.9 brought 10.9 to the scales total 49.2

2. Skeet Reese 38.1 brought 16.12 to the scales total 54.12

3. Edwin Evers 36.3 brought 15.2 to the scales total 51.5

4. Kelly Jordan 35.15 brought 12.13 to the scales total 48.12

5. Aaron Martens 35.10 brought 13.7 to the scales total 49.1

6. Brian Snowden 34.13 brought 18.1 to the scales total 52.14

7. Dave Wolak 34.6 brought 2.12 to the scales total 37.2

8. Mark Davis – Said he saw ice in the puddle this morning, it was cold 34.2 brought 14.2 to the scales total 48.4

9. Boyd Duckett – Stated he took a chuck out of his boat but the Red and Shreveport Bossier community was out standing and they would be coming back, 33.15 brought 13.9 to the scales total 45.5

10. Michael Iaconelli – Said “I caught me last fish with only one min to go.” Also said in the interview – “that’s why he fishes”, 33.15 brought 18.3 to the scales total 54.2

11. Casey Ashley – Stated What a great moment fishing against guys he grew up watching on T.V., 32.11 brought 14.7 to the scales total 46.15

12. Dean Rojas – Stated it took bites to win but he only had 4 bass today, 31.15 brought 7.15 to the scales total 39.14

13. Bobby Lane – These fish here are mean! Guys 3lbs fish feel/think they are 6 pound size, 31.14 brought 9.1 to the scales total 40.15

14. Greg Pugh – Stated the deer his wife hit on the way here was bigger than any hit he had all day. Said he had a great time but when they get home had to fix the suburban. 30.11 brought ?? to the scales total 37.8

15. Mike McClelland – When Mike broke 52 pounds to take the lead the crowd went wild. He stated he fished all new water today. 30.6 brought 21.11 to the scales total 52.1

16. Kevin Wirth – Wanted to say that he fished with the same observer every day and used a war eagle spinnerbait to get the bites. 30.5 brought 13.13 to the scales total 44.2

17. Bill Lowen 29.10 brought 7.1 to the scales total 36.11

18. Bryan Schmidt – Is the Federation Nation champion – 29.10 brought 22.1 to the scales total 51.1

19. Terry Fitzpatrick said he was flipping heavy cover with a sweet beaver, 27.6 brought ?? to the scales total 39.15

20. Greg Hackney Said “No lucky Gum today” had big bass at 7.01 and caught all 3 of his fish in the last 15 min of the day, 26.6 brought 12.0 to the scales total 38.6

21. Alton Jones wanted everyone to know he “Thanks the Lord Jesus Christ as his savior” 26.1 brought 20.1 to the scales total 46.11

22. Kenyon Hill – Said “It was Hard to get out of bed today but had 20 pounds by 11:00am” His big bass went 6.13 had 25.12 brought 24.2 to the scales total 49.14

23. Randy Howell – Said “He won the race, out ran the helicopter today and that his set up let him hit over 78 mph today” His big bass went 5.3 had 25.5 brought 9.2 to the scales total 34.7

24. Jay Evans – Stated “his shallow water just shut off” 25.5 brought 6.2 to the scales total 31.7

25. Shaw Grigsby 25.2 brought 14.5 to the scales total 39.10

It was my distinct pleasure to be a small part of yesterday’s events, I hope the news and articles along with the photos and stories our members have shared in our forum give those of you that didn’t have a chance to be at the show a glimpse into the events as they unfolded. I also want to thank Mike and Laurie for giving me a chance to be in the mix.

See you on the water.
Ron Fogelson
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