Terry Brown announced as president of Get Outside Media LLC

Terry Brown announced as president of Get Outside Media LLCJan. 3, 2008 – Gemini Sport Marketing made major ripples in the fishing industry with the announcement of its hiring Terry Brown as president of its new company, Get Outside Media LLC.

Brown, a prolific multimedia expert who previously worked six years as chief sales and marketer for BassFan.com, will launch a new angler-centric Web site called Wired2Fish.com. Brown brings a big-name reputation to a venture unlike any other in the fishing industry. He’s eager for the task.

“I’ve never been more passionate about one single thing in my life. The stars maybe line up one time in your life, and this is it,” says Brown. “I view this as a culmination of all my past experience. Writing, television, radio and Web – all the projects I’ve worked on have led me to this.”

Brown has appeared on ESPN and hosted the aptly named BassFan Radio with Terry Brown for an astounding 750 episodes. Throughout his career, Brown has always respected Gemini Sport Marketing. “Gemini has a long-standing reputation in the industry as a leader,” Brown explains. “Plus they’re known as folks who excel at providing customer service. Now with Get Outside Media LLC as a new company, we have to strive to conduct ourselves with the same class that makes Gemini stand out.”

Gemini Sport Marketing considers itself lucky to have landed such a well-known and respected figure as Brown. “We’re honored to have Terry as the president of Get Outside Media LLC,” said Todd Hammill, Chief Operating Officer of Gemini Sport Marketing. “Terry is trusted and respected throughout the industry and he adds a wealth of knowledge and experience to the already talented Gemini team.”

Brown believes Get Outside Media LLC and its new web site, Wired2Fish.com, will emerge as the most successful project he’s ever managed. “Wired2Fish.com is very angler and product-centric,” says Brown. “The goal is to educate the angler more than ever before and also to unite the fishing industry and create positive momentum.”

“I’m very passionate about doing something that brings the sport together,” says Brown. “Wired2Fish.com is an opportunity to unite anglers and provide an educational platform that’s never been done before.”

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