TCTC January ’06 Tourn. Results

The Twin Cities Team Club fished its first tournament of the 2006 season on Sunday January 8th at Cypress Bayou Reservoir in Bossier Parish Louisiana. After weeks of postings from members of the club and forum, with averaging 18lb sacks each day, Cypress was looking to be quite the tournament.

With an anticipated Blast-off of 6:48 a.m. the boats started to arrive early. The surprise of having 17 teams show up (a TCTC record), the Blast-off was delayed for a while as James had to take the monies and register teams. The local weather had been reporting a blustery day for several days so most of the anglers were prepared for it, but were surprised by how hard it was to find fishable water due to the wind. At Blast-off (which occurred at 6:51), Winds were approximately 10 mph out of the south and the air temps were in the middle to upper 50’s. By the end of the day winds were out of the south at 15 to 25 mph with gusts in excess of 30, air temps were in the upper 70’s, and water temps ranged from 51 to 54, all dependent upon where you were on the lake.

At the end of the day it was the team of Steve Reneau and Kermit Burns that took the lead as well as the club flags for Tournament Winners and Points Leaders. Steve and Kermit brought 8.24 lbs to the scales, and reported catching there fish on Sweet Beavers and Wacky Worms in shallow water with spinning gear.

Second place went to the team of James Teer and Shawn Allen with 7.77 lbs of fish. James and Shawn reported catching there fish in shallow water as well. "Caught fish early on a California 420 Boom-Boom tube in 2-3ft of water at the edge of a pad flat next to a seawall with rocks at the base of it. The rest of our fish were caught on a white crankbait & a LuckyStrike Crankbait (don’t know the name of it) around the concrete island & banks around the old Cypress Inn restaurant. Fish caught there were in 3-5ft of water. Fish were shallow but deep water was nearby."

Third place went to the team of Chris Franklin and Brent Glover with a total weight of 7.35 lbs. "In the windy areas we caught fish on 3/8ths oz chartreuse and white spinnerbaits and on the calmer side of the lake (which accounted for most of our fish) we caught fish on 1/8th oz chartreuse/white Tiny T Terminators."

Big bass went to Nick Lebrun with a nice 3.35 lb fish. Nick reported catching fish with Crankbaits and Jigs.

Voting for the next tournament is looking like a "Grand" February. Make sure that you vote each and every month as well as posting your vote, that way we know who voted for where and are able to keep track of exactly how many voted. Please keep up with issues concerning the TCTC on

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