Scott Martin joins Okuma Nation

In getting to know Scott, we quickly realized that like Okuma, he shares uncommon enthusiasm for the sport. Sure, he won the FLW Cup in 2011, but rather than talk about himself, Scott’s interest is often directed at YouTube videos of exceptional catches by anglers that have never entered a tournament.

It’s about the fish. It’s about the experience. It’s about the energy and excitement of every day with Scott. And that’s exactly why there’s not another professional angler in the country that we’d rather work with to showcase Okuma designs and technologies.

The advanced Okuma low-profile platform began with Serrano, then grew with Citrix reels and rods in 2011. New additions for 2012 complete the tournament-level product line with 6.3-ounce Helios baitcast reels, 6.5-ounce, right and left hand retrieve Komodo baitcast reels, 40-ton carbon fiber Helios mini-guide rods and 40-ton carbon fiber upgraded C3-40X rods. With rod/reel combos beginning at under 10-ounces of total weight and unparallelled strength and sensitivity, Scott will have a balanced, technique-specific arsenal to compliment his exceptional skills.

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