Micah Frazier Agrees to Deal with Pic-A-Lure

Newnan, Georgia – FLW Tour Pro and two time FLW Cup qualifier Micah Frazier has inked a deal with Pic-A-Lure, a chart based system that helps anglers choose the right lure(s). The deal includes Frazier being the spokesperson for the system that quickly narrows down the anglers lure decision making process.

Frazier believes the Pic-A-Lure system is a must for almost every angler. “The Pic-A-Lure system is the perfect answer for anglers that don’t get out very often. It’ll help get the right lure in your hand fast and then all you have to do is find the fish. However, I can see a need for it by even the top level anglers. I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten off the water and had one of those ‘I should have tried X’ thoughts. The Pic-A-Lure system will cross check my thinking and keep me from missing something obvious I might have overlooked.”

Keith Cooper, of Pic-A-Lure is excited to have Frazier on board. “Having an incredible angler like Micah Frazier on our staff will definitely help us get the word out about our system. I really think Frazier will also benefit from using the system. He’s a great young angler and working with him has already been a pleasure.”

Pic-A-Lure and Frazier have agreed to terms through the conclusion of the 2013 FLW Tour season.

For more information on Pic-A-Lure please visit PicALure.com.

For more information on Micah Frazier please visit MicahFrazier.com

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