Jr. Gila Monster from El Grande Lures

El Grande Lures

International Professional Angler, Jay D. Schurz, has brought his experience from years of fishing around the globe to EL Grande Lures. Jay’s passion is creating unique lures and stunning color schemes with the intent of increasing not only the number of bass caught, but also the average size.

Jay says “When customers talk, El Grande Lures listens.” The steam engine of the El Grande Lure’s lineup is the Gila Monster, an 8.75” diamond tail lizard. Our faithful followers have asked for a smaller version of the Gila Monster, for those days when the bass just want a smaller morsel to eat.

We are introducing the Jr. Gila Monster, an exact profile of its big daddy scaled down to a tempting 5”. The Jr. Gila Monster excels when fished on a Shakey Head, Drop Shot, T-Rigged and C-Rigged. It is now available on the El Grande Website http://www.elgrandelures.com/jrgilamonster.html# and offered in Green Pumpkin, Watermelon with red flake, Black with blue flake, Junebug, and Green Pumpkin with green and purple flake $4.99 per pack of 10.

Size Does Matter jay@elgrandelures.com

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