Innovative Livingston Lures to Sponsor ABA Tours

ATHENS, Ala. – American Bass Anglers has joined forces with Livingston Lures, creator of the most innovative and technologically advanced hard baits in the industry. “Livingston Lures is proud to be a part of the American Bass Angler team circuit. The ABA is an organization that has done a very good job of offering the weekend and grassroots level angler tournament competition for enjoyment and as a stepping-stone to the highest ranks. We at Livingston understand the importance of supporting an organization who offers this opportunity to those anglers,” said Basil Battah, COO of Livingston Lures.

Livingston Lures will sponsor every ABA tournament circuit. Livingston Lures will be on site for many of their tournaments offering fans a look at their innovative lures that feature Electronic Bait Sound (EBS) technology. Livingston Lures will also be periodically offering special promotions just for ABA members so they can continue to increase their tackle selection and catch more fish using state of the art lures.

“We are delighted to welcome Livingston Lures to our family of sponsors,” said Morris Sheehan, president of American Bass Anglers. “We’re looking forward to working with them on a number of promotion initiatives. I’m sure the weekend anglers that fish the various ABA tours will soon learn a lot more about these lures and the fascinating fish-catching technologies they bring to the water.”

After years of fishing with conventional baits that use ball bearings or other objects to make noise, Robert Castaneda, inventor of the EBS technology, came up with a better idea. Castaneda installed tiny electronic circuitry that emits the kind of sound vibrations that entices predatory fish to take notice of and bite. These microchip based emitters make a combination of sounds and vibrations that imitate baitfish. Bass detect these sounds and vibrations with their lateral line, which often culminates in a violent and heart stopping strike, even when the bait sits still in the water.

“We’re a very aggressive company because we truly believe in the products we offer the anglers. Anglers at all levels will catch more fish and have more fun on the water with Livingston Lures,” Battah explained. “The feedback from customers around the world has been incredible and that means everything to us here at Livingston Lures. Receiving emails about a father and his sons first fish, or someone catching their personal best is very rewarding. Personally, the amazing stories of the lures catching fish while sitting still or where other baits weren’t working means that Robert’s technology is changing the game.”

Livingston Lures’ lineup includes a variety of hard baits in various sizes and colors for fishing in all three fishing zones, on top, in the middle or on the bottom of the water column. The EBS system is activated by water, which gives these lures an unbelievable life span. ABA anglers can use a single Livingston Lure for multiple years catching more fish and having more fun.

For more information and to see the complete line of Livingston Lures, please visit: For more information about ABA or their tournaments, call 256-232-0406 or visit:

About American Bass Anglers: The ABA’s commitment is to provide low cost, close to home tournaments for the weekend angler and at the same time offer each competitor an upward path for individual angler progression.

About Livingston Lures: Livingston Lures has built a reputation among top freshwater and saltwater anglers for premium quality baits that flat¬out catch fish. These hard plastic lures are designed to call the fish and meet the highest standards for swimming action with quality construction. Every Livingston Lures’ bait features Electronic Bait Sound and Vibration Technology (EBS). Livingston Lures prides itself in providing the highest technologically advanced products to the angler at an affordable price.

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