GreenFish Ventures Stylish Gear

The first lifestyle brand dedicated to promoting sustainable fishing, GreenFish [ ], is a business with a philanthropic philosophy: increase awareness of catch-and-release fishing among anglers.

Established in 2010, GreenFish is devoted to three primary goals:
1) Improve fisheries and marine environments
2) Promote catch and release and responsible fishing
3) Promote and protect recreational fishing

Founder Bryan Godber explains, “Fishing and conservation should go hand in hand. GreenFish is where they meet. Our goal is to build awareness and shift attitudes toward sustainable fishing and promote the sport for future generations to enjoy.”

GreenFish Gear
One of the key ways GreenFish promotes its catch-and-release message is through stylish gear worn by anglers and other supporters. Products include stickers and casual clothing such as t-shirts, beanies, caps, visors and sweatshirts.

GreenFish Gives
GreenFish financially supports partner organizations that share the goal of promoting catch-and-release as a way to protect the environment while promoting fishing. Through “GreenFish Gives,” customers can select which partner organization to support each time a product is purchased and a portion of the purchase will be donated to that organization. GreenFish then makes a quarterly contribution to each partner. Said Godber, “We are very proud of this revolutionary new program that enables us to align ourselves with a limited number of non-profit organizations and help them achieve their goals.”

GreenFish Partners include:

FishAmerica Foundation — part of the American Sportfishing Association; awards grants for local projects to improve fish populations, habitat, water quality, and research.

SOFTIN —Teach skills to the challenged through one-on-one hands-on educational lessons and experiences at sea.

Friends of Rollo — a non-profit educational organization that sponsors kids on marine-awareness fishing trips.

Future Fisherman — introduces youth to angling and the outdoors by bringing together conservation and youth organizations.

PIER Institute — a non-profit organization dedicated to marine environment research and education.

United Anglers of Southern California — a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing fishery resources through management, conservation and education.

1% For The Planet — encourages businesses to contribute 1% of all sales to environmental organizations.

GreenFish Ambassadors
Both entrepreneurs and environmentalists, GreenFish Ambassadors bring unique perspectives on conservation and fishing. Led by Godber, the team includes: Chip Bissell, Conway Bowman, Michelle Bowman, Zeb Hogan, Mike Losness, Chris Warton, and Rob Provost.

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