Gary Dobyns Talks Zayta Series Rods

Gary Dobyns

Bass fishing media outlets have been a buzz about the release date of the new Dobyns Zayta Series Rods. These rods are the most sensitive and well balanced rods developed and bass tournament anglers coast to coast are anxiously awaiting their arrival. At the recent Dobyns Rods Staff Rally on Lake Fork, I cornered Gary Dobyns and was able to ask him a few questions about the much awaited Zayta Series Dobyns Rod. My first question was the obvious – when? This answer was not as short.

“After a lot of work and fine tuning the Zayta Series, we hit a major road block. The prototypes are done, rods are ordered, material bought and, as many of you know, we were using some “nano resin” material in this rod series. Well, the rights to the material were “acquired” by another company. I decided to hold off on the Zaytas. With no more material being available to us, I’d have to discontinue them in less than a year. I’m committed to making this series of rods. We are developing our own special materials. With these types of high end materials, it takes some time to learn all the do’s and don’ts and the characteristics of the materials. If our testing continues to show this material to be all we think it is; we’ll have our Zayta Series. I know we’ll have a few stones thrown at us, but this is 100% true and researchable. I’m not happy about this mainly because the fisherman side of me wanted them badly!!”

You could see the frustration and excitement all at the same time. While Gary is outwardly disappointed that the Zayta Series will not be available this year; he is extremely excited about the materials he is now working with. When the Zayta Series rod is complete, it will be an amazing piece of bass fishing equipment; Gary Dobyns will have nothing less. So for now, we are going to have to wait a little longer.

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