Fishing Classic

Walley Marshall, Mr. Crappie(Bossier City, LA) Bass Pro Shops put on a fabulous show at the 2005 Spring Fishing Classic February 12-20, 2005 here in Bossier City. This was a must see for all bass fishing enthusiasts with seminars for the willing to learn and great sale prices for those of you that are shoppers, everyone was able to find a little something at Bass Pro. With names like Jimmy Houston, Dean Rojas, Edwin Evers and Mr. Crappie on the marquee it is hard to pass up a day learning about bass fishing, talking with fishing buddies, and looking at all of the baits and equipment there is to be offered at Bass Pro. Mike and I spent a good part of the day at our local Bass Pro Shops on Saturday. We were lucky enough to meet some of the guest speakers and run into many friends along the way.

Even the little ones got involved in the shopping at Bass Pro TodayWe spent a god amount of time at the reel counter where we talked with Penny Barryman and some of the other Pros on hand that day. While we were talking to local Caddo Lake Guide Paul Keith I happened to see that even the little ones were spending the day with their shopping basket. This one in particular had hers full of supplies for her next fishing trip.

Chris Megee Sponsored by Uncle Josh Bait Co.Chris Megee was manning the Uncle Josh display and we had a chance to speak with him. Chris is very active in the bass fishing community. He is currently a monthly writer for Bayou Outdoors, and Ultimate Bass and is also represents several sponsors including Uncle Josh Pork Frogs. Chris is one of our newest Pro Staff members here at Ultimate Bass and he has come to be very active on the bass fishing forum. If you would like to talk to Chris check out the forum, I am sure he would be happy to talk to you.

Paul Keith Helping out at the reel counter during the show and demonstrating Shimano PrefectionWhat a great day! Mike and I met some outstanding people in the bass fishing industry today and we came home with some new tackle that I am really excited about trying. The show is over now but there will be many more oppertunities to visit your local Bass Pro Shop and to talk with other folks that are as interested in bass fishing as you. If you are looking for a great place to start learning about bass fihsing check out the forum here at Ultimate Bass, we have enough information to keep you interested until your next fishing trip!

Tight Lines,
Laurie Cork

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