Exact Cast Bass Fishing App

The Exact Cast Bass Fishing app is the next step in advancing our tournament bass fishing. With improvements in fish finders and GPS, electronics have made locating and returning to bass easy. Now with the Exact Cast Fishing app, not only can anglers return to bass, but will know the exact cast to catch them.

Exact Cast Bass Fishing App

Nick LeBrun, professional tournament angler, was prefishing for an FLW Costa Series tournament on Sam Rayburn and having a very successful practice. Nick located a tremendous number of shallow bass willing to eat. It didn’t take long before he had a large number of saved waypoints and managing them was becoming difficult. However, what was more challenging was remembering why he selected a particular waypoint. Nick told me, “I knew I created the waypoint because I had a strike in the area, but knowing exactly where the bite came from was nearly impossible. All the flooded cover looked the same when I returned the next day.”

The Sam Rayburn tournament was a spring event during high water; Nick was getting bites pitching jigs and soft plastics to flooded shallow cover. Once Nick got a strike he’d reach down and mark a waypoint. Nick said, “I could return to the area give or take a few feet. However, all the flooded bushes looked the same. In a run and gun type tournament, I couldn’t spend the extra time to work a 50-yard stretch of flooded bushes when I had already found the one bite I wanted.”

Exact Cast Bass Fishing App

Marking over twenty strike producing waypoints a day, Nick needed a way to pull up to a waypoint, cast to the bass and move to the next waypoint. To do this, Nick started taking pictures with his IPad while holding his finger in front of the camera pointing to the exact location of the strike. These photos were working until he couldn’t remember which bait, jig or soft plastic, enticed the strike. Nick adapted by using his rod tip to point at the exact spot; this allowed the bait to be in the photo. The photo process enabled him to make the exact cast to reproduce the strike he had during prefishing. However, another problem quickly revealed itself.

Which waypoint went with which photo. Nick explained, “I would pull up to a waypoint and then have to scroll through several pictures from each day of practice until I found one resembling the cover. Many times, it all still looked the same. After a few minutes I would be able to discern a funny looking branch, a particular fork in the limbs, a house, or boat dock in the background letting me know I had the correct photo. However, this was just as time-consuming as fishing the entire bank.”

Determined there had to be an easier way, Nick hired a team of app builders to help him with his dilemma. Enter the Exact Cast Bass Fishing App. Using his tournament experience, Nick was able to build an app to catalog all his prefishing strikes in a simple way allowing him to return and make the exact cast thus reproducing a bite from the previous day.

Exact Cast Bass Fishing App How It Works

The Exact Cast Bass Fishing App is so simple and will be so useful; it’s one of those things we all wonder, “Why didn’t I think of this.” After a strike, the first thing to do is set a GPS coordinate on the boat’s electronics, something most anglers already do when practicing. Make a mental note of the coordinate name or number. Next, take a photo of the area where the strike occurred. The app will ask the angler to place a pin drop at the exact spot the strike occurred. Next is naming the strike. Nick recommends using the number the boats electronics gave when setting the GPS location. The app will then ask for input in the “bait type” field. Finally, use the notes to describe how to present the bait (fast or slow), time of day, water and weather conditions. Once off the water, anglers can go back into the app and rename the slides if the basic cataloging is not convenient.

According to Nick, the entire process takes about 15 seconds. If electing to rename the location or add significant notes, the process can take longer. However, the relevant information is part of building the original slide. Location, name, lure are all inputs inside the first 15 seconds.

During a tournament, drive to a GPS coordinate, open the app and go to the corresponding slide. When idling into the location, look for the key area and verify the lure to use. With the Exact Cast Bass Fishing App anglers do not have to cover extra water to make sure they target active bass from practice.

The Exact Cast Bass Fishing App is also effective for off shore fishing. Instead of marking a bush to pitch or flip at, anglers will mark a significant structure on a distant bank in the photo. Set the boat on the GPS coordinate and cast towards the identifiable shoreline structure marked with a pin drop in the App. Casting markers could be a boat dock, house, tall tree, or point. Use the notes feature to explain any features helping to ensure the exact cast is made to replicate the strikes from prefishing.

Cell service is not required. The Exact Cast Bass Fishing App is self-contained on an IPhone or IPad. Being self-contained on an angler’s phone was important to Nick because many lakes and rivers are lacking in cell service. An app needing to work with a server would become useless if out of cell service. Once downloaded from the App Store, the Exact Cast Bass Fishing App does all the work on the device. Because it’s self-contained, no one sees other angler’s hot spots. The only way to share a location is to take a screen shot of the slide and text or email it to another angler.

Many tournament rules prohibit cell phone use during events. Nick, spoke with tournament directors from several different organizations and this app is considered tournament compliant. The tournament rule is there to address competitors gaining outside information while fishing the tournament. This app is self-fortified; since the angler provided all the information in the app and the app has no access to another angler’s casts, it is legal to use it.

The Exact Cast Bass Fishing App is currently only available for IOS devices. The app released on 23 June 2016, so look for it now in the ITunes App Store. Android users will have access to the app very soon. Cell phones, something we all have in our pockets, are now an intricate part of a tournament winning strategy. Check out the Exact Cast Bass Fishing App; it’s sure to help anglers improve their tournament standings.

Check out this video of how the Exact Cast Bass Fishing App Works – Exact Cast Bass Fishing App Video

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