El Grande Lures Signs Derek Remitz

El Grande Lures is adding its second Elite angler in as many years. Many great things are scheduled on both the domestic and international scene concerning El Grande Lures including the release of new products for 2012 and expanding our presence abroad. Remitz will be an integral part of these events and looks forward to the future with great anticipation. Derek Remitz joins current El Grande Lures pro-staff Fred Roumbanis, Chad Morgenthaler, and Kurt Dove.

“As a touring professional angler, who specializes in fishing off shore structure, I understand the importance of using the right plastic to catch big fish. El Grande Lures is a company known for creating very unique colors and plastics designed to catch those bass. That is why I have chosen to join El Grande Lures, a company that is all about catching big bass.”

Derek “The Wolverine” Remitz

El Grande Lures owner, Jay Schurz, said the following: “ We are elated that Derek Remitz has chosen to join El Grande Lures. Derek is a known offshore fisherman and that plays right into our concept of using big plastics to hunt for big bass in water they haunt. Derek has a great personality and is well liked among his peers and the public. We look forward to partnering with Derek for many years to come and will assist him in any way we can to achieve his personal goals.”

El Grande Lures currently has 5 products in its lineup with others to be released soon:

-The Gila Monster, an 8 ¾” lizard that can be Carolina rigged, Texas rigged, or fished weightless.
-The Boom R Ang, a Roumbanis, signature series, 6” soft plastic jerk bait.
-The El Grande Sapo, a 4” soft plastic toad that churns water like a buzzbait.
-The Hatch-Match Stick, a 5” cigar shaped stick bait that can be fished wacky, Texas rigged, or Carolina rigged
-The El Grande Tube, a 4” flipping tube meant to handle the toughest cover.

For more information about El Grande Lures go to www.elgrandelures.com

For more information about Derek Remitz go to www.derekremitz.com

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