Day Two Bassmaster Classic Weigh-In Quips

Day Two Bassmaster Classic Weigh-In Quips – Sitting in B.A.S.S. Media’s room there are reporters of all media venues trying to get info out to their customers. With today’s technology, the trend is geared more for the video story; the nightly news, You-tube, Facebook or websites like our very own Having multiple people asking for and giving video interviews throughout the area, the B.A.S.S.’s live cast sound has been turned so low I just can’t hear angler’s comments as they cross the stage.


The Minutemade Media room is set up very well, plenty of room to move around and grab a pro, interview or chat without interfering with others in attendance.

Day Two Bassmaster Classic Weigh-In Quips

Video is the media of choice here this year.

Day Two Bassmaster Classic Weigh-In QuipsDay Two Bassmaster Classic Weigh-In Quips


Mike found the solution using my ear buds on the laptop so, while late and I did miss some of the anglers, below are some snippets from the anglers during day two of the Bassmaster Classic weigh-in:

Chris Zaldain – Man I felt like a Fan today. All the way back I was checking Bass Tracker and thinking I’m going to be the bubble boy.

Aaron Martens – My best spot I figured I’d pull 20lbs out today and only got one bite. Someone was in there and caught them; seen Ish in there, maybe he caught them all.

Timothy Klinger – Lake turned on for me, missed four big ones today and it’s all in the fundamentals. It’s the classic and you can’t make mistakes like that here with these guys

Jason Williamson – Well it’s the classic, no one remembers 2nd place, so I’ll be throwing a buckeye jig swinging for the fences.

Charlie Hartley – I caught fish I shouldn’t have and lost fish I should have boated; Most fun I’ve ever had at a tournament.

Randall Tharp – Only caught 3 keepers today, mixed it up today to make adjustments. Obviously, they weren’t the right ones

Alton Jones Jr. – Nothing has given me more drive to be back here than being here this year, looking forward to Hartwell

Dave Lefebre – Man that hand there freaks me out. It just pops up out of that little hole there and I mean look at it, anyone ever wonder about that. It just reaches up and takes our fish. Where do they go? It’s like the fish we catch are taken down to hell, straight into hell. “No No No laughs the host, they are taken by TX WLF and returned to Conroe.”

Keith Combs – Caught some really good fish in practice on a Strike King 6XD. Today I thought they were going to come out to me, but had to go shallow to find them. Thanked his sponsors and mostly his family who was in the crowd supporting him when tournaments don’t go as well as he had hoped.

Jesse Wiggins – This was his 1st and already qualified for the next. Thanked his family for his support, I’m Sorry for not doing well. I want to make sure everyone knows you don’t need a rich family, rich Daddy, rich Grandpa; all you need to do is work your tail off so work hard and go fishing.

Brett Hite – Yesterday I had the right bites but it didn’t work out for me, but today I may have been throwing the Jack Hammer and this time it did. The baits are now here in the states, go see Z-Man and check them out.

Skeet Reese– Good News, Bad News I’m not fishing but get to hang out with you all today don’t know if that will be fun or not because I was driving a big Yellow Suck Bus. Made a $300,000.00 mistake today. Thought I was going to get a 25lbs bag today but didn’t work out. Had one fish in the boat and went to flipping cypress trees, sure enough got a bite. Thought I’d just yank him out with my Trilene 25lbs line and snapped the rod pulling him out and whack, busted my line.

Takahiro Omori – Thanks for the opportunity. This is part of it, fishing is fishing and can never tell how it will end.

Kevin VanDam – Need to make up 7lbs for the win. Lake has the potential to do it, I’ve not caught the big ones yet, got emotional yesterday I’m only 4 for 26 that’s not very good. Best family around who supports me in what I do and are there for me all the time, along with the sponsors, I have the best who allow me to do this. My boys were born premature and I started the Kevin VanDam foundation and for a small donation you can enter for a chance to win an ultimate fishing package to fish with me, and an $8,000.00 tackle package.

Clifford Pirch – A lot of times you’re on something but not sure if it’s capable of winning, but this time I had them in all 3 stages and thought I had it. But today I caught like 25 catfish and the bass got away from me and I’m still not sure where they went.

Casey Ashley – Anytime you come to the classic and walk across this stage you want to win, but if not it’s a real accomplishment to just get here. I’ve got to say this is the roughest lake I’ve ever been on, don’t care if its dead slick it’s still rough out there.

Matt Herren – I caught 19 fish today just nothing to keep. I had a spot to myself and a new bait I’ve been keeping hush hush, and well, it’s just fishing and didn’t work. But if I wake up tomorrow I’m still going fishing. “This wasn’t about fishing the 3rd day but my love for fishing and as long as I wake up in the morning I’m is going to fish”

Cliff Crochet – Bitter sweet, I had my hand kinda close to that trophy and don’t look like it’s going to happen, still have time left and I’m going to fight like hell tomorrow.

Todd Faircloth – Not only is TX my home state it’s the home of Skeeter Boats and proud to say I’ve been with them my whole career.

Jared Lintner – Dared by his sponsor to dress as Magnum PI Stated “Well, I still don’t have the helicopter.” Looking forward to getting back out there. I caught 25 fish and only 5 keeps but I believe there is a 30/35lbs stringer in the lake.

Skylar Hamilton – Only one fish for the day but it was the right one, Big bass of the day at 9.1. – Man, I had some good fish but just couldn’t do anything right and shouldn’t have weighed this one. I messed up 3 or 4 times before I scooped it up and got her in the boat. Caught it in like 8 inches of water.

Gerald Swindle – Amazing thing in the Elites, not only does BASS have the biggest team of anglers, it has the biggest bakery around and it’s known to cook up a big humble pie. I’ve been choking on it all day along with a lot of shut up juice. — By the way they will be shaving off Swindles beard off tomorrow, he thinks it’s scaring the fish. This was a cancer fundraiser and have raised $8,000.00 to be given to charity.

Ott DeFoe – I honestly expected to catch my bigger fish early in the morning and it just didn’t happen yesterday. I did get my biggest one of the day 1st thing today but then struggled for a while. Good thing is with this lake, I could take my 30lbs so far and just double it. This lake can do it. I’m looking forward to fishing tomorrow.

Edwin Evers – Other anglers may have something to say about it tomorrow but I’m in position to do well; it’s a whole lot easier mountain to climb then last year. I have the most amazing wife, sister in law and kids who have a booth at the expo and well I sure don’t want to take them pecans home. Do me a favor and swing by booth 950 and maybe help me out some, so the kids aren’t stuck riding home in the boat. –

For a few more shots in the media room from today you can check them out here


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