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Bradley Roy

Angling Technologies announced today that it recently signed Bassmaster Elite Series Rookie of the Year Bradley Roy of Lancaster, KY to an endorsement contract to promote its interactive web-based mapping service as a destination for anglers seeking more information about the lakes they fish.

“Since I started using the site last year Angling Technologies has proven extremely helpful. I use it as a starting point for researching new lakes and then dive deeper into the application to learn as much as I can,” said Bradley Roy. “It’s very unique and I hope users will continue adding information to the site to make it educational for everyone. It is exciting to think about how we can use this technology to enhance our own fishing experiences and perhaps excite and attract new anglers to our sport.”

Visitors to the Angling Technologies site have access to a wide variety of features and a continuously growing library of mapping content for lakes, rivers, ponds, and coastal waters across the United States. Registered users of the site have the ability to contribute to the map or personalize it. By sponsoring Bradley, Angling Technologies now offers anglers the ability to review content Bradley has added to the map including his top 10 fishing sites with notes of their significance in his career. Examples include the locations of Bradley’s first Elite Series bass, his junior world championship spots and favorite fun-fishing holes on his local lakes. Content from Bradley will be added frequently.

“The internet is only going to scale in terms of its accessibility, speed, and capability across a wide variety of devices. As it does, we believe anglers will benefit from having access to a dynamic, interactive, and user driven mapping service offering a richer set of location-based content,” said Brian Welde, President of Angling Technologies. “Our site consolidates fishing related map information from across the web while also allowing anglers to share location based details about their time on the water. We then offer a wide range of tools so that anglers can take advantage of this information to map out strategies, plan trips, or learn from their experiences. As a young, up and coming, and tech savvy angler, Bradley made a lot of sense to us and we’re thrilled to support him.”

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Angling Technologies is leveraging the web to open up ways in which anglers can use and share map-based content. Their interactive mapping service is designed to integrate with other solutions or allow fishing websites to freely acquire and add interactive mapping content to their own sites. Visitors can find the site by going directly to or navigating from Lake Maps under the Tips and Tools section on the front page of Angling Technologies has just included depth contour data for TVA Lakes and has more data and new features planned for release throughout 2010.

At 19, Bradley Roy is the youngest ever to compete on the Bassmaster Elite Series and was recently crowned the 2010 Elite Series Rookie of the Year. Fans of Bradley can follow him off the water through the video series “Bradley Roy’s Reel Life” which airs regularly on A written blog and more information about Bradley are available at

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