Bass Quest Magazine

Bass Quest Magazine

Bass Quest is the hottest bass fishing magazine on the market. With coast to coast bass catching information, to up front and personal Q&A with bass angling’s top professionals, Bass Quest Magazine takes readers to a whole new level of bass fishing knowledge. I’ve been reading Bass Quest since its first issue; it has easily become my number one choice in magazines for some key reasons.

With Tom Leogrande at the helm of a magazine where Brent Chapman and Aaron Martens are contributing writers, an abundance of bass catching knowledge and professional circuit level presentations are now available to everyone. Tom has taken this one step further and brings Professional Anglers to your doorstep with sections like “26 Things you didn’t know about”; the latest issue was Johnathan Vandam. Another feature I like is “4 Questions.” Tom picks four questions to ask a series of Professional Anglers, all anglers get the same four questions; sometimes the answers are enlightening and other times hilarious.

Another great example that stands Bass Quest apart from other magazines is Brent Chapman’s recent article about “Fish Conditioning”. He describes how bass can get used to certain baits, colors and actions. Using something different you can get an extra bite or two, making the difference between a win or a top 25 finish . In the article, he talks about his sponsor, Livingston Lures. One might see this as a giant advertisement; however, Brent mentions the Livingston sound is not always the best option, but at times it can catch you an extra fish. There is real information to the article, not just a bunch of fluff.

You might be headed to a brand new lake, one you’ve never even seen before; Aaron Martens has you covered. His contribution in the latest issue talks about breaking down new water. The variety and amount of information in Bass Quest is extremely useful and practical to every angler no matter your experience level.

Need help dialing in your hydrowave Jeff Kriet has a ten step process that he shares. Want to learn what it takes to become a professional angler; Justin Lucas describes his trip through FLW to the Elites and some of the struggles along the way. Does deep water confuse you, John Murray goes in depth on deep water tactics and shares techniques that aren’t difficult to grasp. Keep up with the College level programs or enter your kid in the photo contest, Bass Quest brings bass fishing to life and keeps you informed about all the circuits, not just a title sponsor.

Many forum members know Blake Russell, aka PBRussell. Blake has written many articles for Ultimate Bass to include my favorite, “My dad’s a better fisherman than KVD”. Through his relations with Ultimate Bass, Blake was given the opportunity to write for Bass Quest. Impressing the editor, Blake is the author of “Topwater Adrenaline” in the latest issue. This information packed article about how Casey Scanlon approaches topwater; the when, where, and how, will put more bass in your boat. Bass Quest has always been a part of Ultimate Bass and giving Blake a shot at being published proves their commitment to us.

I know this sounds like a big commercial, however, when I find a product that I believe in I like to talk about it. Do I think you should cancel all your other subscriptions and only read this one? If you can only have one, I’d say yes. However, the other magazines are useful as well, you get to see a ton of ads for the new products coming out, and you are supporting their agendas. Keep in mind these agendas are not always bad; example being B.A.S.S. and their conservation efforts, FLW and their support for the high school anglers, these are worthy causes and supporting them is fantastic. But if you want a magazine that is jam packed with information about how to catch bass across the country with a personal touch from the professionals that are living the dream, Bass Quest is the magazine for you.

Until August 7, 2014, you can purchase a two year subscription to Bass Quest Magazine for $25 dollars if you use coupon code UltimateBQ. This is good for a new subscription, a renewal or even and extension. Don’t miss out on a great deal. To see all the details visit this thread in the Ultimate Bass Forums. Click Here
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