2nd Annual Rat-L-Trap Classic Lake Guntersville

Rat L Trap winning stringer

The 2nd Annual Rat-L-Trap Classic Was A Giant Success On Lake Guntersville. First, I want to give a huge thank you to all the men and women who came from all over country to fish the “2013 Rat-L-Trap Classic”. It’s an honor to have such great people fishing with our products and competing in our tournament, said Wes Higgins of “Bill Lewis Lures”.


Also, I want to thank “Duckett Fishing” for their major contribution in helping to organize this event and for their tremendous generosity in giving away so many rods. I am not exactly sure of the final count, but with the 20 rods given out in prizes, plus those given out by the chase boat; I believe it was between 40 and 50 rods given away!

“Mustad” was a huge help in donating top-quality hooks, and “Netbait” blessed us with 10’s of dozens of their awesome “Mad Paca Craws” that we also gave to the competitors. “Vicious Fishing” pitched in big-time with dozens of spools of line that were also given away. AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF “POWERPOLE” DONATED A POWERPOLE THAT WENT TO A LUCKY COMPETITOR.

All in all the winners and payout went like this:

• Cameron Gautney and Taylor Luna (pictured), 26.45 lbs. 1st Place……$3,200
• Larry Laney and Jim John Fowler, 25.95 lbs. 2nd Place……$1,500
• Kevin McMahan and Marty Likos, 25.58 lbs. 3rd Place…….$1,000
• Josh Butler and Justin Aaron, 25.35 lbs. 4th Place……..$1,000
• Van Dobbs and Rodney Allison, 24.19 lbs. 5th Place……..$1,000
• 6th through 10th Places were paid $500 each,
• 11th through 31st Places were paid $400 each
• 32nd through 41st Places received 2 Duckett Rods per boat

• Kadin Dick and Jason Dobbs were awarded $2,500 for 1st Place Big Fish, weighing in a 9.6 lb lunker
• Chris Tucker and Shawn Morgan were awarded $1,080 for 2nd Place Big Fish, weighing in a 8.29 lb lunker

• Dozens of Tackle Bags went out to the rest!

In all, eleven fish over 6lbs. were weighed in! And, remember they were all caught on “Genuine Rat-L-Trap”! …And all fish were released alive!

Last, but not least a huge thanks to Jamie and Michelle Shay and their wonderful staff at “The Bait, Tackle, and Grill” in Goose Pond. And a big thank you to Mike Blocher and his team for directing a great tournament.

Again, thanks to all of you that participated in any way in the event and mark your calendar for the first weekend in February 2014 for the “3rd Annual Rat-L-Trap Classic” at Lake Guntersville. God willing we’ll see you there!

Visit Rat-L-Trap at http://www.rat-l-trap.com/, or on Facebook at this link, and on Twitter at this link.

Rat-L-Trap, 3240 Baldwin Avenue, Alexandria, Louisiana 71301 For more information about Rat-L-Trap products and for media inquiries contact Larry Thornhill at (919) 603-5681.

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