2017 Bassmaster Classic Expo A look behind the scenes

Attending the 2017 Bass Master Classic here in Houston Texas gave me the chance to get away and enjoy some time with family, great friends, and awesome Sponsors of mine and Ultimatebass.com. While setting up the Impulse Rod space I got to roam around and get a sneak peek how everything is worked out behind the scenes to bring events like this together.

2017 Bassmaster Classic Expo A look behind the scenes

Come tomorrow at 12 noon, when the doors open, everything will be laid out in pristine order. Like most large events very few people truly understand what it takes to make this seem flawless. There is a tremendous amount of planning and hard work goes into supporting 252 venders, staff and the thousands upon thousands of fishing fans expected to attend the Super Bowl of fishing. It’s nothing but controlled chaos I tell you. Forklifts, highlifts, tugs to move boats, manpower pushing/pulling/scrambling to lift/drag/beat things into place so we the fans and hopeful customers buy or are impressed to be future customers for the boats/reels/rods/graphs/gear brought in from all around the nation.

2017 Bassmaster Classic Expo A look behind the scenes

So here are a few shots of the Impulse set up and to get a view of the rest of the area please click the link and check out my slide show. Keep in mind, I snapped a grand total of 172 pictures walking from Booth 851 around the outside edge of the event and returning to the Impulse Rod Booth. Several displays were missed or weren’t even set up yet.

For all true diehard bass fishermen out there, you owe it to yourself to make it to one of these in the future. However, my advice is to make a weekend of it, rushing thought is a good way to miss a few things. Not only are there some great deals, the Pro’s and the staff at the booths will be around to talk firsthand about what they have to offer.

1st look behind the scene, click here for slide show

See You On the Water!
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