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Legend Boats is a customer orientated custom bass boat builder that is truly committed to ensuring your boat buying experience is perfectly tailored to your needs. There is nothing more exciting for a bass angler than buying a brand new bass boat. Everyone at Legend Boats, from the person that prepares the mold to the team member that does the final inspection and wipe down before your boat leaves the factory, knows this and wants your experience to be as exceptional as the Legend Boat your buying.

I have been fortunate enough to experience the team at the Legend Boats factory several times; either when purchasing a boat or simply visiting the factory. When you arrive at the factory, every person on Team Legend is excited to meet you, wants to show you their part of the program, and get to know you a little bit. When you buy a Legend Boat you are becoming part of an elite family that is completely dedicated to excellence, your satisfaction, and seeing that smile on your face when you drive away in a Legend Boat.

Our experience started with picking out the basics. First up is which model boat do you want, well that was easy for us. We love Legend’s flagship the Alpha 211. The ride of this boat is absolutely phenomenal. The Alpha 211 is by far the driest and smoothest boat among the many brands I have driven. At speeds nearing 75 miles per hour, you can take your hands off the steering wheel and the 211 runs straight and true with no chine walk. If you are undecided Dean or Kody at Legend Boats will talk with you, help you figure out your needs and recommend the model that would be best for you.

Legend Boats is not tied to any specific brand or manufacture of engine or electronics. You will have to research and decide what brand of electronics, trolling motor, and engine you would like. Again, Dean or Kody, will gladly talk with you about your concerns, likes, dislikes, and make recommendations based on your personal needs. I highly recommend you speak with them after doing some research, they are very knowledgeable and know the in’s and out’s of these components, all the way down to the intricacies of mounting them. For example, I wanted a Lowrance HDS 10 for the console, and I wanted it mounted with the R.A.M. mount. Dean explained that there was a new version of the mount coming out that would prevent the folding problem many anglers had been experiencing with the ball mounts. One, I didn’t know there was a folding problem, and two he was absolutely correct in that the newer model R.A.M. mount is fantastic.

Now you have your boat model picked out along with your engine and electronics. It’s time for the hard part. Picking the colors. Remember Legend Boats are completely custom, you tell them what colors you want and they build it. There are two different basic patterns for your color scheme. One is the traditional top cap with a wide stripe down the center of the top cap. The second is the single pin top cap, which, as the name implies is a single pin stripe down the top cap. The hull of the boat uses the same pattern no matter the top cap. You’ll have to pick colors for every part of the boat, inside, outside, stripes, pins, and fades. You can drive yourself crazy trying to find that perfect match for yourself. Dean and Kody can be very useful here too; while I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Legend Boat that wasn’t beautiful, they can help you along the way of which colors go best with each other. To be honest the most challenging part is deciding the fades. As far as I know Legend Boats is the only manufacturer that allows you to have a main hull color that will fade into a completely different color on the back of the boat. While it is a gorgeous look, it can boggle the mind in trying to determine colors.

Living just a few hours drive from the Legend Boats Factory, It’s easy for us to visit. It’s always exciting to visit the factory and tour the plant, learning how the boats are built and visiting with the crew. Legend Boats has a display with all the available colors that you can pick through, take into the sun light, and match up against each other. It’s much easier to pick colors for your boat, when you can see the color options in person. Dean walked us around the boats in the factory and the couple he had ready to ship to help give us some ideas. Kody worked with us, using the color patches, to come up with the combination that was just right for us. The patients that Dean and Kody displayed were nothing short of amazing. They stayed well after factory hours to help us decide. The next morning after sleeping on it, it was decided that we needed to think some more before deciding colors. Both Dean and Kody just chuckled and said, “Don’t sweat it, it’s normal. Picking colors is difficult; we totally understand and want you to take your time so that you get the perfect boat.” So inevitably we left the factory without knowing what colors yet, however, we still had some time At least the rest of the components were figured out.

A visit to the Legend Boats Factory is a must for us, and I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of buying a bass boat, no matter what brand. The team at Legend is continually making advances in the boat and the products they use on the boat. While there, Dean was able to show me several things that in turn became must haves for the boat. One, the Trailer Ladder, this is the coolest add on for a trailer since brakes. A set of steps that attach to the trailer, and simply allows you to walk up them like a staircase in your house to the front deck of your boat. Dean did not have any on hand at the factory to show us, so he drove us to a customer that had them for me to try out. Absolute Customer Service! He could have sold them to me simply on his word, but wanted to make sure I knew what I was buying; and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Legend Boats is a custom boat builder; your boat is not started until you order it. It takes a few weeks to take delivery. The majority of the boats built at the Legend Factory have someone’s vision behind them. My imagination is not the best and even after picking the colors, to be honest, I wasn’t sure exactly what our new boat would look like. Laurie, who really picked the colors, kept assuring it would be beautiful. Kody, kept us updated throughout the process and emailed us photo’s regularly, so we could see our boat take shape. This is one of the many things Team Legend does to keep customers happy and well informed during the boat buying process.

The day you pick up your Legend Boat, the team greets you and introduces themselves. Lou, the factory manager, will walk around the boat with you and explain how to use all the features. Lou explains each button, what each sound the warning horn makes means, and will even talk to you about your electronics and how to get the best out of them. While Lou has you in the driver’s seat, explaining things, another team member will ask you to slide the hot foot around and find a comfortable position with it. Once you say okay, then they screw it to the floor. I’ve always liked this about Legend Boats; even the hot foot placement is custom to your needs. After that it’s to the trolling motor foot control and the same thing is done. However, Lou will warn you that you may want to wait before screwing it down, suggesting you fish with it a while and see where you like it after a day on the water. He’ll hand you a set of screws to put in your pocket.

While Lou is walking you around your new boat, you will be opening compartments. In the compartments, you will find all the boxes to your electronics, your engine flush valve, a folder with all your warranty information, a laminated full page piece of paper that describes your livewell functions and electronic key pad operation, and then there are bonuses. You will get a bottle of Valvtect fuel conditioner, a bottle of Bow to Stern protectant, a bottle of Line and Lure conditioner, and 4 brand new tackle boxes. All as a small token from Legend Boats.

Now it’s time to hit the lake for a test drive. The Legend Factory is just 10 minutes away from Bull Shoals Lake. The Legend Team will insist you take the time to put your new boat on the water and make sure you are comfortable with, and have tried everything before you leave. This way any questions can be answered right away. Lou explains initial start up and break in time lines to you, and if you have no questions it’s off to the lake. We hit the lake and put about 30 minutes on the big motor, turned on and off every button on the boat and electronics several times. Par for course, everything worked perfectly.

Dean, CEO of Legend Boats, is diligent in making sure you know exactly what you are buying. The standard features of a Legend Boat will surprise you, but options available inside those standard features are seemingly endless. The electronic units are a perfect example. Your new Legend Boat will have a sonar unit on the front and one at the drivers console; however, which brand and which model is up to you. An on board battery charger is part of the package, but there are different models to choice from depending on your needs. The list of standard features can be found at Legend Boats. You should check out what Legend Boats calls standard features compared to other manufacturers optional equipment list.

Absolutely 100 percent Legend Boats knocked our boat buying experience out of the park. Legend understands the excitement a new boat buyer has, and strives to exceed expectations. When you buy a Legend Boat, you become part of a family. Your questions are important, your input is requested, your thoughts six months later are desired. The biggest thing, after you buy a Legend Boat is, you need to learn how to brag. You’re going to love your boat and you’re going to want to talk about it.

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