Bass Angler’s Obsessions Explained

I am willing to admit I am obsessed with bass fishing. My thoughts are constantly attached to things related to this wonderful pastime. More recently, I have been wondering just why this is the case. What better way to explore these thoughts than to put it on paper in an attempt to justify my behavior? So here are my thoughts on bass angler’s obsessions.

Bass Angler’s Obsessions

Let it be clearly known, as a bass angler my skills are not fantastic. I am able to perform all of the necessary steps; however, this does not make me a dancer. Then why is it the bass angler’s obsession is so consuming?

Bass Angler’s Obsessions Observations

I tend to believe most bass anglers are unique individuals. Bass fishing to some is merely a one on one between them and the bass with a side dish of the environment. They may be fishing with someone, but it is a good bet they are in a personal battle to win the day and catch the elusive next personal best.

Obsessed anglers study all levels of fishing tackle and often have accumulated a fair share of guaranteed fish catchers through the years. Try as they might this acquisition process is only limited by budgetary constraints often imposed by spousal oversight. Fortunately, many of our spouses are also bass anglers and this can tend to improve tackle budgets. Anglers must be careful of spouse involvement. As they become more obsessed with fishing, they will no longer be willing to use hand me downs. She who shall be obeyed, will also want new and better equipment, forcing anglers to double most tackle purchases.

Bass Angler’s Obsessions Life Cycle Expectations

Being a bass angler probably started as a youngster. In those days anglers did not need much stuff, it was about just having fun. Through time anglers may experience periods when going to the water is limited by life responsibilities, but somehow the desire to go bass fishing is never lost. If anglers have curtailed bass fishing for long periods of time, they must be aware of certain realities. When returning to bass fishing, the obsession returns to the soul with a reckless abandon. The need to buy new equipment becomes binge-worthy. As life happens, anglers may even experience long periods where they are not able to go fishing. Even though they are not fishing, anglers have memories and experiences which are fun to share with friends at Ultimate Bass.

I am a very introverted person. Although I am traditionally not fond of crowds, I am somehow transformed when talking about bass fishing. I enjoy being with groups of fellow anglers even attending a rally now and then. Like many others, we have gained friends and close associations with many folks due to our fishing obsession. I don’t put a price on my fishing habit. Bass Fishing has become all about doing something I love to do. We all have budgets driving our behavior and might cause some restrictions, but I never consider fishing expenditures as a waste of resources. I consider it a continuing investment in happiness and self-satisfaction. How can a price tag be put on this feeling?

Bass Angler’s Obsessions Expert Anglers

I will not become an expert angler. Those who excel in our sport have invested untold hours on the water learning their craft. They have met or have been taught by mentors through their career and have achieved a bunch of knowledge about how to catch bass. For most of us, we need to learn from them but not be too worried if we never reach their level of excellence. It takes a special desire and drive to know what they know. To get better, spending time on the water is the only way and perhaps then unattainable skill levels can finally be reached. Once an angler feels they are an expert, it’s time to enter some bass tournaments, and then one will be able to assess their true progress. Not too many things are more humbling than the infamous walk of shame to the scales with an empty or light weigh bag.

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