Tips For The Beginner (Part 3)

Choosing Hooks
Choosing a hook for the beginner

As far as hooks are concerned, Shay uses 1/0-2/0-3/0-4/0 and 5/0 wide gap hooks based on the size of the plastic bait he is using and the structure he is fishing. Be sure that you don’t over power the baits you are using with hooks that are to large.  Hooks are manufactured in “Light Wire” and  “Heavy Wire”. A good rule of thumb when selecting the right hook is (1)  Heavy cover/structure-Heavy Line-Heavy Plastic baits…..Heavy Wire Hooks. (2)  Spinning tackle with lighter line and lighter baits…..Light Wire Hooks.

Choosing Sinkers

 sinker weight for the beginner

beginneer bass fishing help

bass fishing weights for the beginnerShay uses a bullet shaped slip sinker most of the time when worm fishing and allows the sinker to slide free up and down the line. The reason behind this it reduces the potential of the fish throwing the bait when they jump. An exception to this is when Shay is fishing heavier cover then he will “Peg” the sinker to the head of the worm. There are a couple ways that you can “Peg” a worm. One is by forcing a tooth pick into the bottom hole of the sinker. The only problem with this is that you run the risk of damaging your line. A better choice is to use a product like T-Stops which are made of rubber and pulls through the sinker holding it in place without damaging your line. This helps the lure not become hung as easily on brush. When Carolina Rigging Shay uses a “Egg Sinker” in weights from 3/8oz to a full 1oz.  The reason for the heavier sinker it helps you feel the bottom better. We will address this further in the Technique Section.

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