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I had recently committed a lot of money into replacing all of my bass fishing rods. When I went to sell the rods I had been using I was cleaning them up and noticed some scratches on them along with bent eyes; really thinking nothing more than I wasn’t going to get as much as I had hoped for them. After a few outings with my new rods, I noticed that the second eye had busted out of one? I chalked it up to the fact that I am not easy on my equipment what so ever and I could have easily stepped on it or banged it off the trolling motor, who knows really. That very day, I guess because it was fresh in my mind, while putting my rods up for the trip home I noticed that I was constantly banging the eyes off of the rod locker tubes as I was trying to load my rods. Then it hit me, I bet that’s how I knocked the eye out and sure enough there the ceramic piece was laying in the rod locker.

Try as I might it was inevitable that I was going to bang eyelets on these tubes? I had to fix this as it’s a crying shame to beat a 2-3 hundred dollar rod up like that, basically for no reason. I mean I could understand if I was knee deep in some flooded willows catching fish or had the boat pushed up in a cypress tree grove chasing spawning bass but to simply beat up your equipment when storing it, that’s just crazy…

So off to the internet I go to find a solution. I found many rod protectors ranging from a canvas sheath to nylon mesh materials. All had good and bad points about them. Some too heavy, some didn’t work well when a hook goes in them others the eyes of the rod would pop through the material.

Finally I found the Rod Glove. Looked interesting, covered all the issues I was having and came in 13 different colors! I can even color coordinate my equipment and know what rod I’m grabbing by its cover color. After doing some research into the company I found that they are manufactured in North American including supplies and assembly, big plus. (Not that I won’t buy from a foreign supported market as it’s impossible to do so and stay with cutting edge equipment across the board). So I ordered a few and was extremely happy with the purchase.

The Rod Glove has a tapered tip that allows it to slide into my rod locker tubes very easy. No more banging the eyes off of the edge of the tube, no more scrapping the side of the tube with the rod its self and a bonus is my equipment is color coordinated now, organization taken a step further! The Rod Glove was started in an effort to provide anglers in both the USA and Canada with a way to protect and organize their rods cost effectively. They developed a product that has a host of great features that are important to us as fisherman. Just to name a few, it’s mold resistant, hooks come out easily if one gets tangled in the glove, they go on and come off the rod very easily.

Rod Glove has also came up with some cool tags that you can put on the rod glove its self. They call them technique tags. Basically it’s a tag that you slide on that spells out exactly which bait you have on that rod. So, if you don’t think you can have several rods in different colors and remember which each color is for, these tags are perfect. The way it boiled down for me was there are my rods and then there are Laurie’s Rods. So she gets a color and I get a color and the technique tags are great, I have blue covers, that eliminates half the rods in the box, then look for the tag. Very useful tool!

If you are in the market for something to protect your investment I highly recommend “The Rod Glove”, I guess you could add me to the list of pro staff they already have Gerald Swindle, Jared Lintner and Cody Meyer. I don’t normally put my stamp on many products but The Rod Glove is something I will never go without again.

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