Bassin – Rainbow of Plastics

Soft plastic baits play a major role in many bass fishing situations these days. No matter what the season is or what part of the country you are fishing, plastic baits can be the difference between winning and losing.

How many times have we had that last second change of mind, pick up a plastic bait just in time to set the hook on that last fish that we needed. We read all the time about how the pro saved his day by switching to soft plastic bait just before the weigh in bell. The evolution of soft plastic lures began around the year 1949 by Mr. Nick Crème Sr. His new invented plastic bait; the worm, was named the Scoundrel. Since his invention many lure companies have expanded the soft plastic baits into new shapes and colors.

Speaking of plastics, have you seen all the colors that they come in? It's like a double Rainbow mixed together after a summer shower. There must be over a 100 colors today and each week a new color is added to the list. No wonder my tackle bag is full to the brim! When was the last time you looked at your tackle bags to see what you had or needed? Better than that I bet if you are like me, not only are your bags full to the brim but your storage areas in your boat are packed also. I know that I have a small tackle bag that has all my "tried & true" colors that work for me most of the time. Then comes the time when you can't get a bite and ole Joe over there caught a limit with so & so color. Then the race is on to the nearest Tackle shop or Wally world for that color in 6 different styles of baits so next time we will be ready and once again that extra bag starts to swell even larger.

Sometimes it's even harder to explain why we must have 50 extra unopened bags of worms or plastics when most of the time we only use up one bag on any given day. Oh and by the way, tackle shops love us because they can reel the fisherman in and not the fish. Have you even wondered why each brand of plastic comes in just a shade lighter or darker than the other brands? Because, "It's a Trick" to get us to buy more & more bags of bait. There must be at least 3 different shades of every color under the rainbow. I can still remember the crème worm coming in only 2 or 3 shades of natural colors. Then there was the Tom Mann Jelly Worm with several wild colors in red, blue, purple, green, black with a red tail and Bill Dance's favorite color jet black. Soon after this the tackle stores were flooded with new companies selling plastic worms & soft baits.

Can you remember the last time from a fishing trip that you had to stop by the local tackle shop in order to look around and buy a few more bags of some sort of soft plastic? I sure can, if you are like me, it's an addiction that I can't break! It seems that every time I get near a tackle shop or Wally World my palms start to sweat and my heart rate goes sky high. It's not that I really need any bait at all, but it's the excitement of shopping and buying more. I think it's a disease that a lot of us share whether we like to talk about it or not. I even love going to Wally World with the wife these days because I know that while she is doing her shopping, I can ease on over to the fishing dept and get my quick fix. The best part is when she is finished with her shopping; she can find me very quickly by going to the fishing dept. and looking down row 3. I will be the guy with my arms full of plastic baits and smiling from ear to ear.

So if you are like me, don't be afraid because that means there are at least two of us in this world with soft plastic syndrome. I guess it's not all bad cause someone has to help keep the tackle shop doors open and the owners Happy!

Tight Lines & Happy Fishing in 2005!  Remember to take a kid fishing; it just might be there Pro Start in Life! Also please remember our TROOPS, for it is because of them that we have the freedom to enjoy our sport of Bass Fishing! We owe a lot to our guys & gals in the fight for freedom!

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