Tips on Getting Sponsors

Everybody that I know that fishes in tournaments would like to save some money on their fishing gear without spending top dollar for the biggest and best gear and baits on the market. So for most of us we have to shop for sales. Well there is a way that a lot of us can get top of the line gear for free or deeply discounted prices, and that is trying to get sponsors! Now everybody that I explain this to thinks I’m crazy when I tell them that I’m a sponsored bass fisherman, I say to them that I have fished in three tournaments and I have never placed inside of the money, and they ask me, “Well, how did you do that?”

Today this article is going to give you some of my inside tips on becoming a sponsored fisherman. First step is to write a resume. When you write this you have to look at it as if you are applying for a job, because this will be your job of becoming a sponsored fisherman or women. You have to write down the tournaments you have been in and what you placed. When I made this resume I started with, my name and contact information. Then, I made an objective, now when you write this should be thinking along the lines of “What YOU can do for this company.” Like how can you personal grow the sales, market, customer base, and fish-ability of the products of the company. This should be no more than one paragraph long. Just remember to touch on the major subjects and short and sweet! Then, I listed all of the tournaments I have fished in and how I placed in them.

Next, after you have made the resume part, you want to write a cover letter. Now this is, I think, the most looked at part of the write up for your potential sponsorship. You have to explain why you would be perfect for this position. So when writing this you want to think to yourself, “So what?” You also what to restate your objective and how you can achieve it. For instant, in my cover letter I stated that “I am a two year volunteer 7th grade football coach and how I can connect with a younger generation of children and how when coaching they would look up to me.” That shows that you are here to teach kids the basics of fishing and how it’s fun!

Also do not be afraid to put your age. For the younger guys and gals out here, I’m in your boat. Being young is a good and bad thing. Being young, in a good way, is you have years to stay with a company, but at the same time being inexperienced. Being older is the same to, years are generally shorter, but you maybe are more experienced. You have to sell yourself to the companies, there are 500,000 other anglers out there just like us trying to get the same position, and you have to beat them out!

Finally, the best tips I can give you is to do not get discouraged when a company says no. This is where you have to keep trying and to never give up. Another tip is to keep in contact with your sponsors and potential sponsors. When sending this information out, tell your sponsor when you are going to contact them, keep it to about a week at the max. I did not go through any companies out there in the competitive fishing world to review my cover letter and resume, but there are and do not be afraid to try them, if you have the money. Finally, the best tip is to never give up, think to yourself “so what” and “what can I do for this company.”

Hope all goes well and tight lines to all
Jon Reznack

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