The Longshank Spinnerbaits Debut

The Longshank Spinnerbaits debut at Farris Brothers Distributor Show with overwhelming success!

Southern Outdoors America (SOA) presented The Longshank line of spinnerbaits and buzzbaits at this year’s Farris Brothers Distributor Show with unexpected success.

“We had no idea what to expect”, says SOA president Scott Smith.  “We felt like we had a great product, but to see this type of overwhelming success was a dream come true for me”.

The Longshank was invented by Scott Smith’s late grandfather Frank Smith (1915 – 1991) in the 1960’s, and it was just three years ago that the younger Smith embarked on developing the product for national release.  The concept of The Longshank is simple, but effective.  It is designed to take the place of a trailer hook, by extending the length of the hook.  This method is used to decrease the chances of the common short strike.  “The common question we get asked is if the longer hook makes the lure hang up more often, and we’ve proven that it doesn’t”, says Smith.  The custom hook design also hooks and lands fish from reaction strikes more than any other spinnerbait or buzzbait.

As noted by Farris Brothers’ Spring Buyer, Tommy Theus, “The Longshank booth was a bright spot at our show, and the dealers embraced their concept with open arms.  We are extremely glad to be representing their line of spinnerbaits and buzzbaits”.

View the promotional video online at, and see why SIZE DOES MATTER.

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