Secrets Of The Chesapeake Bay

The docks located in the Northeast and Elk are prime targets for the bass, as they are devoid of most of the structure that the Sassafras offers. The bass hit plastics and black and blue Terminator jigs here well, on both the outgoing and incoming tides. Placement is critical here. The jigs must not only be put into the smallest of holes and openings, but must be presented multiple times before a strike occurs. Practice your flipping and pitching techniques before attempting these waters.

The docks by the jetty in the Northeast are the best for these techniques, and as I mentioned before,the Furnace Bay cove offers the best spinnerbait and buzzbait action early in the year, before the grass becomes matted all the way to the surface.

Terminator JigsThe Susquehanna river by the railroad bridge above Havre De Grace is a hot spot for both largemouth and smallmouth bass, and Garrett Island, in the rocks also produces at times. This area is effected by the amount of water that is let out of the dam up river, as it can be extremely muddy when they release a lot of water after heavy spring rains, and it can almost stop the smallmouth bite at times.

When this occurs, seeking out the clearer water offered by Swan Creek further south of the Havre De Grace ramp is a good area to start. The grassbeds and shallow wood can hold huge numbers of pre-spawn and spawning bass that readily hit spinnerbaits, Senko’s, tubes, and small crankbaits, such as a Mann’s one-minus, and a Rapala DT6 in the slightly deeper edges. We just use a heavier line to reduce the depth of this bait in these areas.

Spring fishing on these rivers, and the Sassafras in particular, offers some unbelievable action at times. These rivers are suited to every style of fishing. If you’re a flipper, it is there. Spinnerbaits and crankbaits will smoke them! There’s grass, docks, wood, current, eddies, ledges, barges, and points. And all of them hold bass! We have experienced 80 fish days in the Sassafras in the spring, and 30-40 fish days on some of the others.

Whether you are a tournament angler, or just a person who loves to catch bass, then these are the rivers for you!

The Sassafras is a beautiful river with tremendous habitat, and a good population of bass. While it is a great place all year, in the spring, it can be a real “Hotspot”. So hitch up the trailers, rig the rods, and get rid of the winter cabin fever blues with some super Chesapeake Bay largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing!

Reproduced with permission of Steve vonBrandt

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