Gas Me Up

6 pm news time, and guess what?  It is getting  scary.  We knew this was going to happen.  What ramifications are going to be the worst?


Most times I don’t have a problem speaking my mind.  Most times I can change an outcome with the written word, petition, the media, but what do I do about this?   Where do I turn to?  Who can I yell at?  Gas prices are now at record high and not about to go down anytime soon.  Great!  Just in time for Spring tournaments.


Maybe I can blame myself and that I can contribute to the greener cause and use a kayak (I do own one, a  Hobie Mirage and I love it.)  Perhaps I can stay on the shore?  Should I just stay home more?


I hate to be a downer, but folks this is serious!  What is going to happen when it gets to $10.00 per?  I might have an answer.  First is, to get rid of these high priced gas hogs for motors.  Maybe find a diesel.  Next is, everybody on one big boat.  Food and drink extra, or instead of the big boat everybody in paddleboats or canoes.  Of course the co-angler will have to row!  Then we can only bring one pole and a small bag.


Ok I think you get the point, that being, we really need a plan if this is to be the future of tournament fishing.  I can see it reaching everything from entry fees, to the reduction of the anglers just getting by. I’ll tell you what; I’m going  to start hitting up the gas companies for sponsorship.


But I still want someone to yell at.


Scott Perratti
“The Rockin’ Angler”


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