Fishing and Wind

Windy days. Love them or hate them, they are a part of fishing we must learn to live with.  If you are like most anglers, you moan at the thought of fishing on windy days. You would just as soon roll over and sleep awhile. Do it, and you are going to miss some prime bassin.

There are many more advantages to fishing in the wind, than there are disadvantages. But, to fish the wind successfully, you must know a few things. Why wind is a fishermans best friend.  Wind is our friend.

It blows the food on which the bait feeds toward the shoreline the wind is pounding: Where the bait is, the bass are. The bass will generally position themselves at the rear of the school of baitfish. Thus eating any that tries to escape.

It can create mudline in shallow water: This creates a natural ambush point for the bass to attack the bait.  I can not tell you the number of times in which I have caught a limit or more of bass by fishing the lure parallel to the mudline created by wind. The bass set up inside the mudline, and ambush prey that comes to close.

It stirs up the water and creates more oxygen for the fish: This allows the fish to become more active.  I have seen a bad day fishing go good when the wind picked up and inactive fish suddenly turned on due to increases in oxygen. This is especially true in the heat of summer.

It Prevents light penetration: This allows the bass to come into shallower water to feed.

How to fish windy days.  Find the shore that is being pounded by the wind and waves. Position the boat so you cast INTO the wind. While this can be maddening with a baitcaster, I have found the use of a spinning outfit ideal in this situation. I like the Falcon 6’6 MH spinning rod, with a Pflueger Trion Spinning reel, and 12# PowerPro.  I use one of two lures. I use either a Signature Trap made by Carolina Chips, or a 1/2oz. Double Paw Spinnerbait made by Retriever Lures.  I like these because they are heavy enough to throw into the wind. Cast into the wind and retrieve steadily. I have much better success with this technique, than by throwing WITH the wind.  The disadvantages to fishing the wind. Backlashes. Hence the reason I use spinning gear.

Boat positioning. It is more difficult to hold position in the wind.

Which winds are best.  Southerly or Westerly winds are best. I am really not sure why, but I do not have a good of a success rate when the wind is from the North or East.

Do not fear the wind and what the windy days may hold. Go forth. Venture out into the gale. Some wonderful bass fishing awaits.

Charles Graves

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