Ever Met a Dumb Bass Man

Tom Redington with an over 12 on Lake Fork What other sports can you go to your arena and be completely alone or as close to another as sleeping together, than there is as Bass Fishing?

In big waters, though your mind is tunneled into a zone, where every cast is as intense as the last, and every change or decision to move, is a mind fest of unthinkable amount of calculations.  For all the movements we make, changes, techniques, choices of everything we use, it’s a wonder that we can even obtain that mindset we call The Zone.

Our minds are the most incredible computers that are on the marketplace today. Sometimes it’s harder to walk and chew gum, than to have to think about, water temp, clarity, forage, color, presentation, retrieval, and all the rest of the calculations we compute all at the same time, as our arms rear back to cast that lure. And as that same lure is flying thru the air, our computers are already calculating the next three moves in advance. As our feet are controlling our craft, and our eyes are on the lcd, our supercomputers are racing at light speed to the next conclusion. When all this comes together, and we can do it without thinking, as natural as breathing, is then when you move up to the next level of fishing. This is the level where the competition gets into your blood.

So next time your talking to a Tournament Bass Angler, Believe me, that ain’t no dummy your talking to…

Scott Perratti
“The Rockin’ Angler”

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