Back-to-Nature vs Brute Force

As I was running a buzz bait (thanks Ricky!) past a clump of weeds the other night, I got to thinking. The difference between bass and trout fishing is amazing. While trout fishing is very much a “back to nature” endeavor, bass fishing is much more “brute force”. Before you get mad at me, look at some of the contrasts:

On the way to our bass fishing spot we pass 27 other boats and PWC, going as fast as our boat will go. We pull our shiny boats into a cove with all 200 (or, in the SeaSprite, around 50) horses working hard. Once in position, we drop the trolling motor and start throwing! Bass fishermen are always looking for the loudest, most noticeable lures possible. Rattles, props, and beads work great for waking up those bass and invoking strikes, as well as letting anybody in the next three counties know we are there. When we do catch a fish, some guys hoot, holler and even dance on the deck of the boat. After landing a fish we weigh it and drop it in the live well. Then, we continue to try the same spot to catch any other fish in the same hole.


Fly-fishing is a bit different…we drive a pot-holed, wash boarded, dirt road for 13 miles to a remote lake, moving on if there are more than 2 cars at the trailhead. After dawning waders, boots and a vest (all in earth-tone colors), we walk an additional 3.5 miles to the “secret spot”. Sneaking up on the water, so we don’t scare the fish, we remain silent as branches hit our faces. Easing into the water, quiet as a snake, we start try to figure out the bugs. After choosing a fly, fly fisherman try to drop that fly on the water with not so much as a whisper. After finally catching a fish, we spend more time reviving the fish than we did landing it. We would take the fish home, but do not want to risk a lecture from our fellow fisherman for not being strictly catch and release. Plus, we would have to carry that thing 3.5 miles back to the truck. Than we must move on to another hole as all the activity has ruined that one for 2 hours or more.


I really enjoy the aspects of both types of fishing and the challenges each presents. Now, if I could just figure out how to cast a buzz bait with my fly-rod…



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