Teaching Someone to Fish

Fishing alone can be very pleasing and is great relaxation but it is also very enjoyable when done with friends and loved ones. Last season I had the pleasure of introducing a few people to the sport we all know and love, Bass Fishing. When bringing along a first timer you always want to try and keep it as simple as possible.

First and foremost, try and choose a body of water you are familiar with and go when the conditions are good. If you are on a lake you know, you will be able to tell your partner why you are fishing a certain spot, or why you are using a certain color. You will also have the best chance to put yourself on fish if you have a plan.

The new comer probably does not have gear of her/his own so you will have to loan them some of yours. Your first instincts will be to dig into your old poles that never get used anymore and give them something you would find at the flea market, don’t do this! If they spend all day fighting their equipment, odds are they won’t be coming back out with you again. Just give them something you would fish with, something like a quality spinning reel paired with a decent rod. Not only will the potential fisherman have an easier day but they will also be more effective with any lures you plan on using.

The next consideration would be bait. Go with something that is easy to use and is known to produce fish. An obvious choice would be spinnerbait or a crankbait, at first just have them cast and retrieve, cast and retrieve. After they become comfortable with how to cast properly and get a feel for the lure you can introduce new things i.e. like slow-rolling, grass ripping, etc. My favorite bait to get a newbie hooked is a weightless senko fished shallow. While it takes awhile to get a feel for the bait, and how a fish feels, you will be amazed how quick someone will pick it up. Before long they will be catching fish and having a blast, and you will have a new fishing buddy for life.

One important thing to remember is to be patient, be clear, and always try to explain why you are doing the things you are doing. These are especially important if you are fishing with a young one, as they may lose interest quickly.

Josh Huebner
UB – Joshawa

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